Thursday, February 25, 2016

Death and Crime Scene Odor Removal

The removal of odors from homes and buildings is a tedious and often elusive task. Bio Clean Services is trained in odor remediation and disinfecting techniques that will eliminate any trace of odors from these types of scenes.  We are skilled at cleaning odors that arise from many sources such as disaster contaminates, blood and bodily fluids,  unattended death decomposition and others.

Most crime, trauma and death scenes contain trace elements of blood, fluids and tissues that are not seen with the human eye.  If these areas are not properly cleaned, you will have putrid odors that can last for weeks, months or in some cases even years depending on the severity of the scene.  Household cleaning solutions will not clean these areas and do not vacate the smell. They are only a temporary masking of the odors and soon as the chemicals dissipate, the odors will return.

Odor removal involves the following general principles:

Removing the source of the odor as soon as possible. In certain instances, this may include removal of parts of the structure that are immediately affected by the source.

• Cleaning the affected surfaces and materials.  Every porous surface in the affected area must be properly cleaned and disinfected with commercial chemicals that are specifically used for this type of remediation.

• Use of counteractants to restore the area

• Sealing any surfaces that have been in contact such as flooring, porous surfaces etc; if possible

Bio Clean Services utilizes specialized chemicals and equipment to solve the odor contamination permanently by using specific solutions that chemically bond to odor molecules  in the air and on surfaces.  Our technicians have the knowledge and equipment to apply restoration techniques that return these scenes to their pre-incident condition.

If you are experiencing odors from a crime, trauma or death scene or you need specific help related to these service areas, please contact our office to learn more about the service areas we cover and our certifications.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Police Department Biohazard Cleanup Services

Bio Clean Services provides quick and effective police department clean up and decontamination services for jail cells, holding areas, evidence lockers, police and emergency vehicles.  In the past it was ordinary practice for many police departments to require inmates to clean biohazard areas such as vehicles and jail cells. Over the last few years these departments are changing their protocol regarding biohazard clean up and decontamination.  Inmates who were previously required to perform these clean ups experienced exposure to all different types of biohazards and infectious pathogens.

Most departments now contract these clean us to a compliant professional service for the safety and protection of their staff and inmates. This also reduces the legal liability of someone being exposed to these dangerous biohazards

Bio Clean Services offers the following contracted services to Police Departments and Medical Service Providers.

Jail Cell & Holding Area Clean up – It’s imperative these areas are properly cleaned and disinfected immediately to avoid transmission of things like MRSA and other airborne pathogens, contact with blood in these area and other bodily fluids that may be present.

Police Vehicle Decontamination – After transporting an  inmate, frequently there are bodily fluids like blood, vomit, urine and feces left behind. These vehicles must be cleaned immediately with proper chemicals and cleaning techniques to ensure the safety of the personnel. It’s our goal to clean these vehicles and returning them to service as quick as possible.

Emergency Vehicle Decontamination - Bodily fluids present a high risk to the health and safety of the people who travel in these vehicles due to the risk of infection and exposure to diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV that can be contained within them and transferred. Therefore it is vital that these vehicles are cleaned and disinfected in order to minimize this risk.

Our technicians are accustomed to cleaning homicide/murder, suicide and unattended death scenes which are all extremely dangerous.  Police and Emergency service clean up is as dangerous if not more because of the people in the affected areas most often times cannot be removed (Ex. Jails). Our staff is OSHA compliant and obtain the necessary credentials to work in these secure areas and follow strict protocol to ensure the safety of other inmates and personnel.

Contact our offices today to inquire about contracting our services.  Bio Clean Services services Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia and may be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We have an immediate response dispatch that can immediately send technicians to service your biohazard clean up and decontamination needs. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Violent crime scene biohazard cleanup

Violent crimes like home invasions, fighting and gun crimes can leave behind horrible trauma scenes. Violent crime scenes almost always contain blood, tissue matter and other biohazard elements that require certified biohazard crime scene cleanup.

Bio Clean Services provides services for crime, death and trauma scene clean up. We are experienced in blood clean up, removal of biohazard elements like blood  stained materials, body fluids and tissues from death scenes and home renovations that may be necessary to return the scene to a decontaminated safe area for the property owner.  Our company also provides additional services that relate to drug clean up and decontamination for incidents relating to this matter.

Ordinarily, when these types of crimes and traumas happen, it is the responsibility of the property owner to clean up the mess of the disaster left behind. Depending on the incident, there are organizations that assist with the costs of cleaning and remediation of these scenes. Some insurance companies also pay for these services.

Bio Clean Services has experience in working with these agencies and insurance companies to help the process go smoother.  We also realize that these traumatic events can be emotionally overwhelming to our clients. We provide discreet professional services and have the utmost compassion when dealing with victims and their families.  Because of the potential dangers and diseases that can be transmitted through cleaning these scenes, it’s important that you hire a professional company to perform these tasks. With every scene, there are trace elements of contamination and even airborne pathogens that can cause serious illness and sometimes be fatal if not handled properly.

We maintain the appropriate equipment and qualifications to perform these services and are accustomed to following OSHA and EPA guidelines on the jobs we perform.  We are also familiar with obtaining the necessary permits for disposal and other tasks that may need to be performed depending on where the incident occurs.  If you are in need of our services or would like additional information about the services we perform, please contact our office today.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Biohazard Cleanup Detroit, MI

Bio Clean Services provides biohazard cleanup services in Detroit, MI and surrounding cities.  With over a decade of experience in providing safe and effective cleanup services for things like deaths, suicide, accidents and trauma, our trained biohazard technicians help alleviate the stress and dangers of harmful biohazards that are found at these scenes.

Through use of special equipment and industrial cleaning techniques, Bio Clean Services can safely restore your biohazard or trauma scene to its original condition. Frequently, when an accident or trauma occurs the party responsible for cleanup doesn’t realize that there are most likely biohazards that can be harmful to themselves and others if not properly handled.  Our job is to access the site for these potentially harmful biohazards and remediate the area to a clean and sanitized environment.

We’ve written previously about the dangers associated with biohazards and inadequate cleanup methods. If you are not trained in biohazard cleanup and disposal you should not attempt to cleanup these areas yourself. Strict protocols have been set by State and Federal authorities that require specific cleanup guidelines be adhered to. If not, you may potentially sustain hefty fines which mainly result from improper disposal of the biohazard materials.

We maintain all necessary equipment and certifications that ensure your biohazard sites are cleaned, sanitized and completely biohazard free. Our technicians are experienced in working with clients to alleviate the emotional trauma that can occur from having to cleanup a biohazard scene. Depending on the circumstances, we offer emergency dispatch and can usually arrive in as little as 2 hours to provide biohazard cleanup services.

If you or someone you know has experienced an accident, trauma or death of a loved one and biohazard cleanup services are needed please contact us immediately. We are also insurance billing experts and can work  directly with your insurance company and other assistance organizations to help make the process as easy as possible.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Death Cleanup Services Akron, OH

Death, although a natural part of life, can be one of the most traumatic events in the life of a family member or loved one. Death can also be a potentially dangerous event for family members or loved ones because of the presence of biohazards.  Bio Clean Services provides death cleanup services in Akron, OH and surrounding cities.

After death occurs the breakdown of the human body happens rapidly. At almost every death scene cleanup we perform there is the presence of blood and other bodily fluids and matter that can contain biohazards that may be extremely harmful to anyone that may come in contact. Blood, after leaving the body, will begin to dry and flake. Flakes can become airborne and may be easily ingested but others. Because you may not know the entire health scenario of the deceased, you have to handle the death cleanup process as though it contained potentially fatal biohazards.

When a death is discovered, or after authorities and medical personnel have left, whomever owns the property is usually responsible for the cleanup.  If you are untrained in biohazard handling and disposal, you put yourself and others at risk of contracting diseases or other microorganisms that can harm someone’s health.

Bio Clean Services maintains all certifications and special equipment necessary to completely remediate a death scene  and return the site to a safe and biohazard free area.  We also maintain all of the required permits for proper handling and disposal of any materials or matter containing biohazards.  Frequently people attempt to cleanup blood and other trauma scenes themselves not realizing that these biohazards and organisms can survive outside of the human body for a long period of time. Inadequate cleanup can cause horrific odors, the presence of bugs and other harmful bacteria to appear sometimes weeks after the trauma occurred.

If you do not hire a professional death scene cleanup company like Bio Clean Services, it may be very difficult to have these areas restored to a safe environment in the future. Because many of the biohazards are not visible to the human eye, it is often necessary to remove any materials that were in direct relation to the trauma. This may mean walls, flooring and other structures affected. The cost of cleanup after an inadequate cleaning is tremendous and most often the total costs become the responsibility of the property owner or family member.  Protect yourself and contact our office immediately for death scene cleanup assistance.