Monday, December 21, 2015

After Suicide Cleanup Services

Every event of untimely death is traumatic and suicide has very far reaching consequences. People who commit suicide have various reasons and family members and loved ones may never know how the victims get to the point of actually committing suicide. Bio Clean Services provides cleanup and remediation of suicide, death and other trauma scenes throughout the northeastern United States.

Though persons responsible for the cleanup of the aftermath have many resources to refer from in dealing with their trauma, suicide is something that every individual experiences differently. Our decontamination and cleanup experts are professional and experienced in dealing with the emotional trauma that friends and families of a suicide victim experience. We work discreetly and expediently to return the site to a safe and completely decontaminated state. Most individuals are neither emotionally or professionally prepared for the cleanup of suicide scenes that contain potentially dangerous biohazards from blood, body fluids and other matter that are always found at the scene. Bio Clean Services is a certified biohazard cleanup company.

We maintain all of the necessary certifications, permits and equipment to ensure that the property or scene is returned to a safe inhabitable environment. Most individuals are neither emotionally or professionally prepared for the cleanup of suicide scenes that contain potentially dangerous biohazards from blood, body fluids and other matter that are always found at the scene. The risk of contamination and health compromises are too great for any untrained individual to attempt this form of cleanup, so they hire a professional biohazard company like ours to perform the tasks. Even during a very emotional time it is imperative that you know the risks and liabilities associated with biohazard cleanup practices.

We educate our clients and perform every cleanup job to standards acceptable with the State and Federal guidelines. We maintain all of the necessary permits for the removal and disposal of biohazard materials and we make certain that our clients have no liability from inadequate cleaning. If you or someone you know finds yourself in a traumatic situation that requires death, blood or biohazard cleanup contact our office immediately. We offer 24/7 dispatch so our response times are always quick. We are experts in insurance claims and other document filings for organizations who may help cover the expense of your biohazard cleanup.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Blood & Trauma Cleanup Services

Blood cleanup needs come in many different forms. Bio Clean Services provides blood and biohazard cleanup from crime, death, murder, suicides and many other accident scenes. Most people assume that crime and murder and suicide scenes are typically the messiest but certain types of accidents can cause blood spread to larger areas which makes cleanup more difficult.

Death and suicide with guns in most cases involve a single shot and can be confined to a specific area. While the event itself is horrifying, visibly the scene isn’t necessarily as gruesome as someone who suffers a sever machine accident or stabbing with a knife which causes blood to spray over widespread areas. These victims are usually mobile after the accident and move around increasing the spread of blood and bodily fluids.  In this scenario, the scene can appear much worse than a gunshot and the required cleanup process can be much more difficult.

As with any type of trauma scene, blood & biohazard cleanup should only be handled by trained professionals who maintain the proper equipment and follow correct protocols to do a safe cleanup for you.  If you attempt to handle the cleanup or hire an untrained individual to assist you, you may be liable because of improper handling or life-threatening health compromises to others.

Bio Clean Services offers emergency services and we are available to help you in every step of a biohazard cleanup.  If you, or someone you know finds yourself responsible for this type of scenario, contact us immediately for proper certified biohazard cleanup.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Elderly Medical Condition Biohazard Cleanup

With healthcare in our Country more rapidly becoming a crisis, elderly patients with severe medical conditions are often forced to stay at home or to be cared for by family members.  In most cases family members that are caregivers have no formal medical training and are not prepared to deal with many biohazard complications that can happen with elderly patients.

Bio Clean Services provides biohazard, blood and infectious waste cleanup services that involve elderly medical patients. Lately, these types of cases have become more frequent and the most prevalent inquiries are from patients who experience Clostridium Difficile Infections.

These types of infections cause biohazard crisis to the patient’s residences if not properly cleaned and disinfected. Although the patient may seek medical attention to eliminate these types of medical conditions, if they return to a residence with this type of bacteria still present they may suffer huge health complications as a result.

If you are a family member or caregiver of someone who experiences this type of biohazard crisis and you are untrained in the proper cleanup protocol do not attempt to clean these areas yourself. Hire a certified biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services that maintains the experience, proper equipment and industrial grade chemicals that are capable of removing all traces of biohazard. This will ensure the patients safety when they are able to return to their residence and will eliminate the possibility of health compromises for anyone associated with the patient.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that after a “certain amount of time” any types of harmful bacteria or biohazards will disappear. This is not true, in fact depending on the type of infectious bacteria, some are capable of surviving in certain elements for days, weeks or even months.

If you experience this type of situation contact us for assistance with proper biohazard cleaning and disinfecting services.

Murder – Suicide Cleanup Services

Throughout the past decade the amount of murder-suicide scenes has increased all around the world. With drugs, crime, mental illness and other factors contributing to these types or traumatic events, it’s a good idea to be informed about what to do should you be the one experiencing this.

Bio Clean Services performs blood and biohazard cleanup services in crime, death, murder and suicide scenes. These types of biohazard scenes require special training to effectively remediate the biohazards from  the scene and return it to a safe, habitable environment. When a murder-suicide occurs, the victims family members, friends and even property owners are emotionally overwhelmed by the appearance of these scenes. Most of these cases involve guns which can cause a death scene to encompass large areas with blood and other potentially dangerous biohazards.

Our technicians are experienced in proper cleanup, removal and disposal protocol. Our main objective is to discreetly clean up and restore these scenes to a pre-incident condition. We are accustomed to dealing with the emotional state of the victims family and friends and are compassionate with  our clients to help make this process as easy as possible for them.

Bio Clean Services can handle all facets of the biohazard cleanup and remediation tasks and we are familiar with insurance billing and other resources and organizations who can assist property owners in covering the costs of our services.  In most cases, the health conditions and types of potential biohazards found at these scenes are unknown, therefore we always suggest that untrained persons never attempt to clean a death scene.

In the event that an untrained person improperly cleans a death, blood or biohazard scene, they may become liable for any health compromises that happen to others who may come into contact with an area that still contains biohazards.

If you, or someone you know experiences this type of traumatic event, call Bio Clean Services immediately. We offer 24 hour emergency services to assist you with biohazard cleanup and work diligently to protect our clients from harmful elements found in biohazard scenes.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Bio Clean Services

At this time of Thanksgiving celebration our thoughts turn gratefully to our customers with warm appreciation. Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Suicide Clean Up and Holidays

Holidays are supposed to be a time of great joy and celebration. For many of us they are, but for many people they are anything but joyous. Persons who suffer from depression and mental illness have extreme highs and lows around the holidays. Suicide because of stress and anxiety is something that we don’t want to think of during this time, but we need to learn what to look for and how to help these patients cope.

Bio Clean Services provides Suicide and Death Clean Up services to victims of crime, trauma and tragedy.  We understand the stress and bombardments that media places on people during this time of the year. Seeing families and friends gather with smiling faces can be detrimental to someone suffering from severe depression.  We work directly with family members and property owners who are faced with the responsibility of these types of traumatic events that require biohazard clean up. We maintain  decades of experience in compassionate, discreet and professional services for these situations.

While it’s true suicides tend to drop off right before and during the holidays, there is a 40 percent increase immediately following the holidays. Every year at this time we try to remind our readers about suicide and the devastating effects it can have on those left behind. Sadly, we still receive calls for emergency response suicide and death cleanup.

If you or someone you know is faced with the aftermath of a suicide or death contact us for assistance. We offer emergency response and are available to help if needed. For more information regarding suicide and what you can do to help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit them online at

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Seasonal Death and Social Isolation

During the winter months our older generation experiences social isolation and feelings of disconnectedness due to not being able to be outdoors, lack of sunshine and the decrease of visits by family and friends. Unfortunately, the end result for many elders that experience this is death at home. In certain cases it is days or sometimes a couple of weeks before the death is discovered.

Bio Clean Services performs death and decomposition clean up services for unattended deaths. When an unattended death occurs, the aftermath of the death scene is extremely traumatizing on the person who discovers the death. Blood, bodily fluids and other potentially hazardous pathogens can no longer be contained inside of the body as it begins to liquefy. This process begins in only a few short hours after death and the deceased can become unrecognizable in just a few short days.

Bio Clean Services technicians are experienced in the clean up, removal and remediation of a death scene. It takes a person specifically trained in biohazard clean up to completely restore a property to a biohazard free state. You should never attempt to clean a death scene on your own.

Blood and bodily fluids, once outside the body become a breeding ground for infectious pathogens, attracts bugs and insects and in their dried state, it’s possible to ingest these harmful pathogens through normal breathing while cleaning the scene. Because the health conditions of the deceased is often not know, these scene become a liability to the property owner if an improper cleanup is performed and someone’s health becomes compromised.

If you own a property and are responsible for death scene or blood and biohazard cleanup, contact us immediately for professional, certified cleanup services.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gross Filth Clean Up Services

Gross and filthy living conditions are frequently found, especially in homes of the elderly who are ill, have dementia or other conditions which often leads to hoarding and very unsanitary conditions in these homes.  Other reasons like fear for safety and a person not leaving the home can contribute to these conditions as well.

Only certified professionals like Bio Clean Services should attempt to clean these types of homes or areas. It is necessary to use OSHA approved chemicals and other agents and to follow the proper disposal processes in order to ensure proper remediation. It’s also necessary in order to ensure the health and safety of the person living in these conditions.

Our technicians are accustomed to seeing overwhelming amounts of garbage and rubbish and unimaginable living conditions. We’re all compassionate and have a desire to help the homeowner return the property to a livable condition that is sanitary and free form health hazards.  Some biohazards commonly found in these conditions include:

• Body Fluids
• Feces
• Urine
• Blood
• Vomit
• Pest infestation
• Rodent feces
• Mold and mildew

These all attribute to the deterioration of the structure and its contents. It is often necessary to replace drywall, insulation, flooring and almost always any fabrics and materials in contact with the debris. They also take their toll on mechanical elements of the property as well due to leaks, sewage backups, busted or leaking pipes and poor roof conditions.  Bio Clean Services also provides certain general contracting services that can correct these problems. If structural problems are present, we have great working relationships with contractors who can provide these repairs.

If you or someone you know needs help with an unsafe, filthy living condition, please contact our office immediately. We will perform a site inspection and assess the project and develop a full task plan to help you safely remediate the home.

Monday, November 9, 2015

We’re not just a biohazard company

Bio Clean Services does more than just clean up debris, biohazard materials and cleaning.  A major part of the remediation process involves tear out and removal of materials that have come in direct contact with these biohazard materials. Some of these processes include the removal of:

• Carpeting
• Vinyl Flooring
• Floor Boards / Sub Floor
• Drywall
• Ventilation

Essentially any material that is porous in nature is susceptible to being at risk of contamination and should be removed from the scene. Bio Clean Services is qualified in these types of remediation jobs and posses the correct insurances for biohazard work and are EPA compliant.  Please see a list of our complete qualifications HERE.

Bio Clean Services realizes that it can be a huge shock for our clients to face the realization that they will have to have their home or place of business torn apart and repaired. We are accustomed to working with insurance companies and agencies to ensure the proper protocols are followed to return these scenes to a safe inhabitable state.  We provide a comprehensive analysis of repairs that are needed and implement a plan of action to properly complete the tasks.

We make every attempt to positively help our clients deal with the clean up during their grieving process, while helping them arrive at a sense of closure and resolution when our work is completed.  We follow the same rigid safety practices for any of the services we perform. 

Our main service areas include:

Crime Scene Clean Up
Death Scene Clean Up
Industrial Accident Cleaning
Murder Scene Aftermath Clean Up
Suicide Clean Up
Trauma Scene Cleaning
Police Dept. Services
Tear Gas Clean Up
Hoarder Clean Up
Tenant Trash House Cleanup
Disinfecting Services

Please contact us today to learn more about the services we provide and our qualifications.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Random shooting and blood biohazards

It seems almost daily in the news we hear reports of random shootings that leave victims dead and blood that needs to be cleaned and removed from the scene. Bio Clean Services provides blood and biohazard cleanup services from gun violence and other crimes.

Due to unknown circumstances in most of these cases, our technicians are hired to clean and remediate biohazards to help protect the victim’s family and others from being affected by the potentially dangerous scene. Our main responsibility is to help victims of crime and tragedy to remain safe after a trauma occurs. Typically, in these types of cases police and emergency medical personnel leave behind materials that may be compromised with blood and other bodily fluids. If these materials are not properly removed and disposed of, the chances of biohazards affecting others is drastically increased.

When a person is wounded or dies as a result of a gunshot blood, bodily fluids and other matter can be disseminated over large areas. Some forms of biohazard material are not visible to an untrained eye. If a biohazard scene is improperly cleaned certain biohazard dangers can remain for weeks to a few months after the incident occurs. In certain cases, this type of improper cleanup can cause things like horrific odor, the attraction of bugs, stains from blood returning and can be a breeding ground for infectious diseases that others can come into contact with.

If you have the responsibility of cleanup from a crime, death or trauma scene as a result of a shooting, contact Bio Clean Services for assistance. Our teams are certified in the cleanup and removal of these types of biohazards and are experienced in following strict protocols set by your State and our Federal government.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Can odor from death be removed completely?

Bio Clean Services provides clean up services after death, crimes and suicide. One of the very first questions we’re always asked is, “Can you get rid of this odor completely?”  The answer is yes however, several factors will determine the amount of time and work necessary to remediate these odors and return the scene to a clean, sanitary environment.

What we’ll need to know:

1.  Where did the death occur, and what elements are directly connected to the death scene?  For instance, did the person die in a bed, on a carpeted floor, in a bathtub or a car?  Death clean up requires decontamination of furniture, flooring, fabrics and virtually any porous surfaces related to the scene.  In certain cases, it may also be necessary to remove and replace walls, ceilings, sub-flooring and possibly insulation. Weather conditions also may affect the scene depending on temperatures and other factors.

2.  How long has it been since the death occurred? If the death was an accident, suicide or an elderly person and not discovered immediately, the cleanup process is more entailed as most likely decomposition has started. We would need to follow specific cleaning processes using chemicals, antimicrobial cleaners and ozone or neutralizing agents. Ozone is commonly used in death cleanup because of its quick reaction to carbon based molecules associated with death odors. It’s a highly useful tool but not a guarantee that it will completely get rid of the odor.

Bio Clean Services takes every measure possibly to safely and effectively remediate these scenes with as minimal disruption as possible. Our cleanup technicians are trained to provide our clients with the emotional support needed during these types of tasks. The unattended death of a friend or loved one is never something that anyone is prepared to handle. The emotions and questions that are brought on by this tragic event can make it difficult to determine what to do next.

Our goal is to offer clients the assurance that our work will completely restore the scene to a pre-incident condition and we are dedicated to the protection and safety of our clients. Hiring the proper cleanup company is difficult, after we analyze the scene, we provide a full plan of action and work directly with our clients through each step of the process.  Contact us today for more information about the services we offer.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Suicide Cleanup Services

With holidays approaching, this is the time each year that we see an increase in calls for Suicide Cleanup Services. The holiday months, coupled with colder temperatures, may people suffering from depression and mental illness become less active and families are faced with the responsibility of dealing with the aftermath of death and suicide. 

This is an extremely emotional time for someone responsible for the cleanup and removal of death and suicide biohazards. Bio Clean Services is a certified biohazard cleanup company that provides these services to families and property owners who need death and suicide cleanup.

Because the health conditions of the deceased are seldom known and often the presence of drugs are involved, it is important that you hire a certified company that can professionally remediate any traces of biohazards from your property.  Most clients experience an astounding amount of grief during this time and are incapable of dealing with the cleanup of these types of scenes. The potential for dangerous biohazards and health compromises arising from biohazard cleanup is too risky for an untrained person to attempt any form of cleanup.

Bio Clean Services technicians maintain all of the proper equipment and specialize training to aide families and property owners during these difficult times. We are endorsed by many police departments and agencies in your local areas and have two decades of experiences in serving victims of crime and tragedy.

If you or someone you know is faced with the responsibility of death or suicide aftermath, contact us immediately for assistance.  Most insurances cover the costs of these types of cleanup jobs and our emergency dispatch service technicians can help you with the proper processes and protocols that you will be required to follow.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Police Shootings and Gun Violence

Over the past couple of years we’ve all experienced the increase of Gun Violence and Police shootings across the nation. Every incident involving a shooting requires professional biohazard cleanup. Bio Clean Services provides blood and biohazard cleanup from shootings, automobile accidents, police transport vehicles and even jail cells.

Blood, when outside of the human body can still continue to carry infectious diseases or pathogens that can cause illness for long periods of time. Dried blood can become airborne and even in its dry form, if ingested during cleanup can be harmful or even fatal to someone.  Proper cleanup protocol for blood and biohazards must be followed. If you experience a crime or tragedy involving gun shootings and blood you should never attempt to clean up the aftermath.

Bio Clean Services is certified and maintains all of the proper permits for the cleanup, removal and disposal of biohazard materials.  These materials can range from parts of automobiles that contain blood, wood, furniture and other structural materials that contain biohazards and even dirt, soil or concrete from blood spills in outside environments.

When blood cleanup is required, our technicians treat the handling of all materials as if they have been contaminated with infectious diseases. This helps protect everyone involved in the cleanup and removal process and also assures the property owner that the site has been restored to a safe environment free from all biohazards

State and local governments have specific protocols that must be followed when performing these types of cleanup jobs and if you are untrained and attempt cleanup on your own, you may be liable for improper handling and disposal. The ramifications of improper cleanup and disposal are much worse if the biohazard area were to cause health compromises or even death to someone else as a result.

Hire Bio Clean Services so that you can be certain a certified company will work with you to eliminate this type of liability.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Seasonal Depression & Unattended Death

This time each year we begin to experience an increase in calls for unattended death cleanup. With the change of seasons and temperatures growing colder, the amount of outdoor activities becomes limited to those who are senior or with disabilities. During this time, people tend to stay in doors more and families limit the amount of time visiting older friends and family members.

This can cause serious depression issues and increase health related deaths at home for the older population. Bio Clean Services performs death clean up services for families who experience a loved one dying at home. Sometimes, not being found for days or even weeks during the colder winter months.  Winter seasons also bring about an array of health complications for our older population and many deaths are related to sickness or depression as a result of becoming shut in during the cold months.

Our team of technicians are trained in the cleanup, removal and disposal of biohazard elements that result from an undiscovered death when someone dies at home. Family members are often grief stricken and have overwhelming guilt due to the fact that they do not check on older friends and family members during this time.  When someone dies at home and their death is undiscovered for a certain period of time, there are huge risks associated with the biohazard cleanup of the death scene.

Family members and property owners should not attempt to clean up this type of environment as it causes potential health risks to themselves and others. Blood and bodily fluids that require cleanup can contain harmful pathogens that remain alive outside of the human body for long periods of time. Dried blood, if not properly cleaned can become airborne and continue to potentially compromise someone’s health for weeks to even months after a death occurs. Bio Clean Services works to completely remove all traces of biohazards from your property.

If you or someone you know experiences discovering a death of someone at their home, call out emergency dispatch immediately for assistance. We are certified and licensed to handle all facets of biohazards associated with death, blood and trauma scene cleanup.

Monday, October 19, 2015

How do you know if a Biohazard Cleanup Company is the right one for you?

In today’s society the amount of crimes, death and trauma are at an all time high.  Over the past several decades, the risk for potentially harmful diseases spread through blood, bodily fluids and other biohazard materials makes biohazard cleanup a dangerous task. Bio Clean Services performs certified biohazard remediation of all types of scenes.

How do you know if a Biohazard cleanup company is what you need? Any time there is a presence of blood, bodily fluids or matter from the human body present at a death, crime or trauma scene, you need to handle the cleanup of the affected area as if there are dangerous hidden pathogens that can cause death or harm to you.  In most cases that involve blood or other biohazards we do not know that current health conditions of the victims or deceased. Because of the increase in health compromises with HIV, Hepatitis C and other diseases, you should always hire a professional biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services.

The company you hire should be certified and licensed to cleanup and handle biohazard remediation and disposal.  A reputable company will be able to provide proof of certifications, and the proper permits that adhere to the protocol for proper cleanup that have been set by your State or Federal government.  Beware of non-local companies who claim that they are certified in your area. It’s best to look for a company located within your state, that is licensed and insured and one that has no negative reputation for past jobs performed.

Police, emergency personnel and other agencies will sometimes make a referral to companies that have worked with them in the past for biohazard cleanup and management. Bio Clean Services services are police endorsed and we have an excellent history of satisfied clients and commercial businesses.

We offer 24 hour emergency dispatch for death, suicide, trauma and crime scene cleanup that involves blood and other biohazard materials that are potentially harmful to you. Our main objective is to completely remove any biohazards as soon as possible to help protect our clients and their properties.

If you experience an event that requires biohazard cleanup contact us immediately. We will work with you through every step of the process to ensure that your property is safe and biohazard free.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Domestic Violence Biohazard Cleanup

Every 9 seconds someone in the US is assaulted or beaten. On average nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused in the United States. These are National statistics that equate to approximately 10 Million women and men in one year.

Bio Clean Services provides blood and biohazard cleanup for victims or families of assaults, crimes and even death. In almost every domestic violence scene there is some form of bodily fluid, blood or other materials that contain potentially dangerous biohazards.  Victims or their family members are left with the responsibility of proper cleanup of these types of scenes.

Our technicians are specifically trained to find and remove any traces of biohazard materials including blood from the areas associated with these assaults. Depending on the type of assault determines the proper cleaning techniques that must be performed.  Never attempt to clean these types of areas without proper training and equipment as you may find yourself liable for fines or worse if the health of someone else is compromised as a result of inadequate cleanup and biohazard disposal.

Blood or fluids, even when outside the body, can continue to carry harmful diseases that you may not be aware of. Trust the biohazard cleanup to a certified biohazard specialist like Bio Clean Services to ensure that you are protected.  Every State and Federal government mandates the requirements and certifications required and you must be aware of the proper protocols in order to not be at risk.

Contact us immediately if you or someone you know has experienced a domestic violence or other trauma that requires biohazard cleanup.

Blood Cleanup in the Workplace

While most people would agree, workplaces today are safer than they used to be in the United States however accidents can and do happen. Bio Clean Services provides blood and biohazard cleanup in the workplace from accidents, death, suicide and other traumatic events. Some larger facilities have custodial staff that are directed to clean up these biohazards, but just how safe is it?

Every State has certain criteria when it comes to the cleanup, disposal and transport of biohazard materials. With the majority of custodial staff members not being trained or certified in biohazard management, it’s likely that you are at risk for compromising the health and safety of other workers in and around accident or trauma scenes.

Bio Clean Services maintains all of the necessary certifications and permits to clean and remediate biohazards from accident scenes.  We are trained in OSHA standards of biohazard cleaning and work to ensure that your facility or property is completely free from all biohazards when our job is complete.

If you operate a business that has a higher risk for workplace accidents, it is a good idea to have a contact established with a company like Bio Clean Services who can be immediately dispatched when an accident occurs.  We are experienced in working within restricted and classified areas, high security areas like prisons and government agencies and are trained in all of the necessary skill sets required to help you protect your employees and clients from biohazard compromises.

If you would like more information on how our company can be an immediate responder for your workplace or industrial accidents, contact us and we will provide you with complete information and procedures that you’ll need to follow with us when an accident occurs. Don’t wait until an accident occurs and become liable for the safety of others. Call us first!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Automobile Blood Removal Services

Whether you are involved in an auto accident or experience a violent crime like gun violence or stabbing, blood in an automobile can be just as dangerous as any other scene. Bio Clean Services provides blood and biohazard removal from automobiles, homes, businesses and outdoor properties. With nearly two decades of experience, we are a certified biohazard cleanup company.

Blood, when making contact with materials inside of your car, can remain invisible for weeks to months after an incident or trauma occurs. On the surface, if you clean this yourself, you may think that you’ve completely removed all traces of blood and any biohazards but you have not.  When not properly cleaned and removed, blood can still contain infectious pathogens that remain alive and harmful for sometimes long periods of time after it’s exposed to air.

Weeks to months after an incident involving blood, you can experience horrific odors, infestation of bugs and stains that keep returning. Our trained technicians are able to completely remove all traces of blood and biohazards from your automobile. In some cases parts of your car’s interior or exterior may need to be completely removed and replaced.

The same applies to blood from animals as well. Often times people fail to remember that animals can carry potentially dangerous diseases that humans can contract through contact with animal blood and bodily fluids. These types of biohazards need to be cleaned and removed by a professional company like Bio Clean Services as well.

If you have experienced an accident or trauma with your vehicle, contact us immediately for clean up service. The faster the affected areas can be decontaminated and cleaned, the easier and more cost effective it is for you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Illegal drug biohazard cleanup

Illegal drug usage have become a common problem in most cities in the United States. With usage at an all time high, the risk of dangerous biohazards are prevalent where illegal drug usage occurs. Bio Clean Services provides biohazard removal and disposal services for meth labs, illegal drug dumping and other crime related biohazard cleanup.

In cases where illegal drugs are being manufactured, as in meth labs, there is a much greater risk for infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C. Often times, the places where these illegal drugs are manufactured are also where they are used and sold. These common areas of drug users house a variety of chemicals, used needles that have been shared and other items that breed infectious hazards.

Bio Clean Services technicians are experienced in the cleanup and removal of these hazards and we maintain the proper credentials for handling and disposal of the biohazard waste that is cleaned up. If you are experiencing a problem with illegal drug manufacturing or usage in a property that you own, contact us for assistance with proper cleanup. Do not attempt to clean up these types of biohazard areas on your own.  Some pathogens are airborne and simply breathing air from an infected area is enough to cause huge compromises to your health.

Our services are endorsed by Police Departments and we offer emergency dispatch services to assist you in completely removing all forms of biohazard from your property. Do not put your health or the health of others at risk. Hire a professional to make certain you have no lingering liabilities from this situation.

Friday, October 2, 2015

At least 10 people died in a shooting early Thursday, including the gunman.

These are headlines that seem to be increasing every year in the United States.  Gun crimes and other senseless acts of violence have become an almost daily part of mainstream news in America. It’s something that we don’t think about until it happens to our families or our communities.

Bio Clean Services has been providing blood, biohazard and crime scene cleanup services for decades. During our time in business, we’ve remediated hundreds of crime scenes involving gun violence and helped family members and friends of the victims through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Helping victims of crime and tragedy deal with the aftermath takes special skills and training. We maintain all of the specialized equipment and experience necessary to perform biohazard cleanup and restoration.  When victims family members or property owners are left with the responsibility of cleaning up these crime and trauma scenes, Bio Clean Services is there to help.

Our company is licensed, experienced and endorsed by Police Departments everywhere.  Being a Certified Biohazard Cleanup Specialist requires the commitment to follow strict protocols on both local and Federal levels. Ordinary, untrained persons should never attempt to clean up a biohazard scene. The rule is simple, if you do not have the specific training to handle biohazards then don’t attempt cleanup.

Biohazards are in many forms, most unaware to the average person. These scenes may possibly contain contaminants not visible to the human eye, or be in different forms that you will not know about therefore only trust a licensed company to perform the cleanup or you may find yourself liable, especially in the event that another person’s health is compromised as a result of your improper cleanup.

If you find yourself being faced with this type of situation, please contact us immediately for assistance. We are available 24/7 for emergency dispatch to help you in your time of crisis.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Who do you call when tragedy strikes?

The phone rings at 3am, providing 24 hour emergency response is just on task that goes along with being a biohazard cleanup specialist.  Late night calls are almost always cases involving blood and biohazard cleanup from death, trauma or some form of violent crime.  Bio Clean Services provides these cleanup services to assist victims and family who suffer crime and tragedy.

You answer the phone and suddenly you are dealing with a distraught family member of a suicide victim. This is a call that no one ever thinks they will have to make, however you’re meeting them at one of the worst times in your life.  Not knowing what to do in the midst of a trauma is normal. What you need to know is: If a violent crime, suicide or death occurs on your property you are responsible for cleanup.  Emergency personnel or the coroner will remove the dead but anything left behind is up to the property owner to handle.

What’s left behind is never something you can just bleach and use air fresheners. Crime, death and blood/biohazard cleanup requires special chemicals, equipment and training to ensure the property is returned to a safe and habitable environment.  Generally people do not know that things such as pointy bed springs, splinters of wood, shards of glass all can contain potentially dangerous pathogens that can compromise the health of the person cleaning or in contact with the affected areas.

All items and materials containing biohazard potentials must be removed and properly disposed. Many of these potentially harmful items are not even visible to the human eye, let alone someone who is attempting to clean an area without knowing what they are looking for.  Another problem someone faces when not knowing about cleanup protocols, is how and where to dispose of the items after cleanup.  Special handling and disposal permits are required for blood and biohazards and those who are found improperly disposing of these biohazards are subject to hefty fines.

If you or someone that you know is a victim of death, crime or tragedy, contact Bio Clean Services immediately so we can help you remain safe. Our technicians are discreet, compassionate and available to help you with life’s tragedies. We understand that bad things happen to good people and we offer these services to help our clients bear the painstaking task of removing all traces of danger from their property.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A look inside a biohazard cleanup company

Throughout the course of any day, whether pumping gas, running errands or simply driving through a city on the way to a job, our Bio Clean Services logo and uniforms spark the interests of many people. Some onlookers assume we’re a service that performs some form of environmental or occupational cleaning company, but we’re so much more.

Bio Clean Services offers the following services in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan & West Virginia:
Our number one priority is helping our clients recover from traumatic situations while returning these environments to clean, safe pre-incident conditions. Our services help clients overcome the emotional and physical hazards associated with these scenes in a professional and compassionate manner.

We’re often asked by people we come in contact with, “Why do you choose to do this line of work?” and our response is always the same….because we are passionate about helping our clients and we are dedicated in the promotion of safe, contaminate free area after tragedies occur.

 An ordinary Bio Clean Services client would be an individual who has to handle the cleanup of a death or suicide scene or an employer who needs remediation after a work place accident. We also deal with Police Departments, Fire Departments and Emergency Personnel, Funeral Homes or other governmental agencies needing biohazard clean up services. Due to the sensitive nature of our client’s grievance, we are required to be extremely empathetic and understanding about these situations. We try to convey through our work ethic and actions the same compassion that we would offer if it were our own family member or workplace experiencing the trauma.

If you or someone you know in our Service Area needs assistance in remediation of these types of scenes, please contact us immediately. We will work discreetly to handle all processes of clean up and are available for immediate dispatch to the scene.

Friday, September 11, 2015

How America Has Changed

Increased security, worry, and a more united America

Reprinted from and courtesy of Junior Scholastic, November, 26, 2001 

After September 11, everything changed. If you follow the news, you've heard it a thousand times—the idea that, since the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., nothing in America will ever be the same. In many ways, things have changed. There's more security at airports, sports events, and even schools. Classes have canceled field trips to big cities, and families have put off long-planned vacations. Sports fans must go through metal detectors to enter stadiums and arenas. Workers fear that the next letter they open could be poisoned with anthrax. All over the country, people are having trouble sleeping, worried about what might come next.


Go to Disney World—Please

Many Americans canceled plans to fly after September 11. The airlines say they lost 19 million bookings in the six weeks after the terrorist attacks. As a result, as many as 150,000 airline workers worldwide have lost their jobs. Attendance at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has dropped, and the park has asked employees to give up 20 percent of their hours and wages. President Bush has publicly encouraged Americans to visit the park as a patriotic act. Those who still fly face lengthy delays, as security workers and National Guard troops check bags for knives or other weapons. The government has hired 1,000 armed marshals to accompany flights nationwide.


A New Kindness

The changes are not all for the worse. The country may be a scarier place since September 11, but it is also more united. "Two people in our neighborhood died in the World Trade Center," says Pedro Martinez, 12, of Freehold, New Jersey. "It scared many people, but now everybody is a lot kinder to each other." Paulina Kruzel, 13, of Chicago, Illinois, agrees. "What I've seen is a lot of people coming together now and helping each other out," she says. "And a lot more people are putting American flags up to show their support." More students are saying the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. And more Americans are finding ways to help their neighbors. As of October 26, Americans had donated $542 million to the Red Cross to help victims of the attacks and their families. From coast to coast, people are seeing their local police, firefighters, and rescue workers in a new light. After so many sacrificed their lives at the World Trade Center, people say they will no longer take their protectors for granted.


Patriotic Hits

Changes have taken place in the home as well. The No. 1 album in the U.S. the week of October 15 was God Bless America, a benefit album featuring recordings by Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and other artists. Record numbers of TV viewers are tuning into comfortable old favorites such as Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond—both are enjoying their highest ratings in years. As we become used to what some commentators call "the new normal," we may face more changes. We may have to carry national identification cards, or get used to more security cameras at malls, intersections, and other public places. But we'll also find reassurance as familiar patterns resume. As Paulina, who lives by Chicago's Midway Airport, says, "It was so good to hear the planes fly again. It had been too quiet."


What Has Not Changed

With all the talk of what's changed about America, it's worth remembering that much of what makes the U.S. unique has remained the same. We still enjoy our basic freedoms, including those of religion, speech, and the press. In schools that have recently reinstated the Pledge of Allegiance, for example, students have the right not to recite the pledge for religious or political reasons. In New York City, Schools Chancellor Harold Levy said that tolerance of different people was at least as patriotic as reciting the pledge. "This is what it is to be an American," Levy said as he urged students to be respectful of their Arab and Muslim classmates. People from around the world are still seeking the opportunity to come to America. "I ask you to uphold the values of America and remember why so many have come here," said President Bush in his address to the nation on September 20. "America is successful because of the hard work and creativity and enterprise of our people. These were the true strengths of our economy before September 11, and they are our strengths today."

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Biohazard Cleaning for Police Departments

A crime scene is an integral part of a police investigation, but what happens once the investigation is complete? Who’s responsible for the cleanup of the aftermath and potential biohazard dangers that are a part of any crime scene?  In most cases, the property owner or a relative / next of kin if the property owner is deceased.  Bio Clean Services provides biohazard cleanup services for crimes, trauma, death and other dangerous contaminated sites.

Crime Scenes can range from breaking and entering to cases as severe as sexual assault of murder.  In any ordinary crime scene biohazards that can potentially compromise the health and safety of others is usually found. Most people don’t realize that the presence of one drop of blood, when exposed to outside elements, can contain pathogens that can make you sick. If fingerprint dust is used at a crime scene, microscopic organisms can be transferred in the dust to various places throughout a scene. The dust can also carry airborne pathogens that could potentially be ingested by others who come in contact with a crime scene.

Bio Clean Services maintains the necessary equipment to remediate and removal all biohazards from a crime scene. Our technicians are experienced in the cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, tissue matter and other materials found at crime scenes. We are a certified biohazard cleaning company and are familiar with both State and Federal protocols for handling biohazards.

Police departments do not clean crime scenes. Once the investigation is over, they leave the cleanup to the property owner or responsible party.  We often receive referrals from police departments because they are familiar with our certifications and experience in handling these sometimes extremely dangerous conditions.  We are also contracted by different police departments frequently to clean and disinfect police cruisers, emergency transport vehicles and even jail / prison cells that may contain biohazards from inmates.

If you or someone you know has experienced a crime or trauma scene, please do not attempt to clean the scene yourself. Contact our office for assistance with your biohazard cleanup. We’ll ensure that the site is properly cleaned and returned to a safe, sanitized state expediently.

Monday, August 31, 2015

TV news reporter, cameraman are fatally shot during live broadcast

This is a headline that no one should ever have to see, especially the victim’s family members.  This headline has made national news recently and is exactly what happened to TV Reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward form WDBJ7 in Roanoke, Virginia.

Bio Clean Services provides cleanup of biohazards from scenes such violent gun crimes, murders, suicides and other traumatic events. During the course of the investigation, it has been suggested that the victim’s attacker suffered from some form of mental illness. Although the exact reason why this tragedy occurred is not known, we can confirm that may homicide, violent death or suicide cleanup jobs we perform have some link to a mental illness, the medications associated with mental illness or both.

Because of increasing cases of guns associated with violent crimes, many Americans have stepped forward to change the way our country handles laws concerning the purchase and ownership of firearms. Bio Clean Services has responded to hundreds of calls from distraught family members who are faced with the responsibility of cleaning these types of biohazard scenes.  Death from guns or any means have a high potential for the transmission of disease and other health compromises to untrained people who are involved in an active crime scene that requires cleanup.

It is never suggested that anyone without proper training and equipment attempt to clean a crime scene or death scene on their own. Trust a certified biohazard remediation company like Bio Clean Services to perform a safe, professional and proper cleanup.

Every State regulates the cleanup, removal and disposal of biohazard waste and enforce strict penalties to anyone involved in an improper cleanup. Biohazards from the human body can remain in a dangerous state for weeks to sometimes months after a traumatic event occurs.  If you are faced with the responsibility of re-mediating a trauma, crime, death or suicide scene contact our office immediately for assistance. We provide 24/7 emergency response to assist victims of crime and tragedy.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dangers associated with Violent Crime Cleanup inside a structure

Any tissue or bodily fluid is classified as a biohazard per Federal regulations.  Whenever a violent crime occurs within a building, or when a body begins to decompose within its interior, the surrounding building materials become contaminated with a variety of toxic agents. For example, blood stains on the carpet typically soak through the carpet and seep into the flooring beneath.  Effective environmental cleaning not only removes the biohazard from the carpet, but also from its supporting under structure.   Bio Clean Services is experienced in following all biohazard remediation protocols. We are trained to completely remediate any biohazards associated with the cleanup and remediation of Crime Scenes.

Special equipment, such as protective gear, must be worn by out trained technicians in order to protect them from the hazardous materials they are handling. Diseases such as the Flu, including Type A and H1N1, HIV/AIDS, Type A and B Hepatitis, TB, Cholera, and Salmonella are all diseases that can be transmitted from bodily fluids.  These fluids escape into the environment any time a body decomposes, whether a person commits suicide, is murdered, or suffers some type of tragic, accidental death. 

Because of these dangers, Bio Clean Services suggests that untrained individuals never attempt to cleanup a crime scene that involves biohazards. If you attempt to clean a biohazard scene and it’s not done properly, you may be held liable for procedures that weren’t followed and any health compromises caused to others as a result. The unknown potential dangers alone are enough to not attempt to do this on your own.

If you find yourself faced with the responsibility of cleanup from death, trauma or a violent crime, trust the professionals at Bio Clean Services to perform these services. We maintain all proper training, permits and have the equipment necessary to completely restore a biohazard scene to a safe environment.  Contact us today for more information on how we can protect you.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Choosing the best Biohazard Cleanup Company

When choosing a biohazard cleanup company it’s imperative that you seek companies that are compliant with OSHA, EPA and State Environmental Agencies. Reputable companies like Bio Clean Services maintain all certifications necessary for the cleanup, removal and disposal of biohazard materials from Death, Crime, Suicide and other Traumatic Events.

OSHA compliance simply means that the biohazard cleanup company adheres to the regulations in place to prevent injury and potential liability to all involved. Bio Clean Services technicians are trained to handle cleanup of bloodborne pathogens and other potentially harmful biohazards. We use personal protective equipment and follow these regulations during a cleanup process.

Anytime there is the need for handling and disposal of biohazard, medial and bloodborne pathogen waste, there are certain Federal and State regulations that must be followed.  Not all biohazard cleanup companies are licensed to transport or handle these wastes so it’s essential that you understand if the company you choose is able to comply with these regulations.  Cleanup companies, as well as property owners can incur hefty fines for improper cleanup, handling and disposal of biohazard wastes.

In any form of biohazard cleanup, the company you choose must be trained in the proper use of equipment and cleaning agents that will help remediate a scene to a safe environment free of any biohazards. Even simple errors like improper dilution of cleaning agents can cause certain biohazards to remain active for days to even weeks after an incident occurs.

If you experience a death, violent crime, suicide or other traumatic incident that requires bioremediation, make certain the company you choose is able to deliver the proper information about their certifications, permits and other credentials that will prove to you they are capable of effectively performing the cleanup you need.  Bio Clean Services readily provides all information necessary to help ensure the property owner that our cleanup services will be performed correctly.

Contact us for more information on the services we offer and how we can assist you with your biohazard cleanup needs.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Why are bioremediation costs so high?

Most people associate remediation with the same type of cleanup that is found for fire or water loss however, when bioremediation (blood and biohazard cleanup) is needed as a result of a suicide, murder, unattended death or traumatic incident these situations pose a greater risk for the property owner and cleanup crews.

Bioremediation and decontamination services should always be performed by certified companies that specialize in the cleanup of blood, biohazard and infectious materials. In order to minimize risk of possible contamination to other areas or people and to ensure the safety of the property owner Bio Clean Services performs certified biohazard cleanup and decontamination services. We follow proper protocols established by State and Federal agencies

Because of these strict guidelines and protocols for proper biohazard disposal the costs associated with bioremediation are significantly higher. The cost of obtaining proper permits, training and equipment used for these types of cleanup jobs are all factors in the total costs associated with the cleanup job. Depending on the size scene that needs remediation, will also determine the cost of the job.

Cleanup of blood, bodily fluids and biohazards from death, murder and suicides scenes is the most common service that we provide. Property owners should realize that not hiring a certified biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services can result in their being liable due to health compromises or harm to others as a result of any improper cleanup.

The health status/condition of persons associated with the cause of biohazard are not known.  One out of every 24 people has Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV and these pathogens can survive in a deceased person for up to 16 days after death. Exposure to these and other harmful pathogens can occur from splashes of blood, inhalation and other biological fragments that are found at these types of scenes.

Ordinary restoration companies like the ones that handle fire or flood damage are not required to follow the same cleanup, removal and disposal guidelines as companies associated with the cleanup and handling of blood or biohazard materials.  Because of this our company maintains all necessary permits and only allows technicians who are specially trained in biohazard cleanup and handling to perform jobs. This helps ensure the safety of our clients or anyone who may come in contact with the affected areas.

If you need bioremediation and decontamination services contact our office at once to make sure you’re protected.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions About Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime is something that the American population has become desensitized to because of the increased activity and coverage of the media and popular television shows like CSI. Rarely does anyone think about what happens after professionals investigating a crime scene are gone. Bio Clean Services performs crime scene cleanup and other services involving the cleanup of blood and biohazard materials. Often times when the general public sees our trucks or our staff in uniforms, they ask similar questions about what we do. Here are a few of the questions most frequently asked:

Why is it necessary to hire a Crime Scene Cleanup Company?

Every crime scene requiring cleanup has some physical risk potentials. Most commonly, the emotional turmoil experiences when a friend or relative attempts to cleanup a violent crime scene is what we see. In almost every crime scene we clean, there is the presence of blood, body fluids and other potentially infectious or harmful materials. These elements should never be cleaned by an untrained professional. If improper cleanup is performed, the crime scene may visibly appear safe but the harmful risks to those in contact with the scene can remain for months.

Is it dangerous to clean a crime scene?

The answer to this is always “YES”. Every crime scene is different but rarely do the affected parties know the entire scenario of what happened when the crime was committed. Because hazardous or infectious elements can often be present and not seen by the human eye, every scene must be cleaned following a strict protocol to ensure that the scene is returned to a safe area free from any biohazard. Untrained individuals are not familiar with these protocols and may be putting themselves and others at risk.

Who is responsible for crime scene cleanup?

Typically the property owner bears the responsibility of having the scene cleaned and decontaminated. If the crime or traumatic event occurs at a business, it may be the responsibility of the owner of the company and/or the property owner. There are several other questions that we are asked on a regular basis but the one constant reminder that we always tell anyone inquiring about what we do is “Never attempt to clean a crime scene yourself”. Hiring a certified biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services will ensure that your property is decontaminated and cleaned properly. Anyone who performs improper cleanup can be liable in the event that anyone who comes in contact with a biohazard scene becomes affected.