Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Break, Drunk Driving & Biohazards

Each year there is a steady increase in dunk driving accidents during the spring break season. Bio Clean Services provides blood and biohazard cleaning in Cleveland, OH and surrounding areas. Most of the calls we receive regarding drunk driving accidents involve blood clean up and other biohazard materials from vehicles, streets and emergency vehicles used for transport.

Anytime a vehicle accident involves blood cleanup, it’s imperative that a professional biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services perform the job. Blood mixed various elements from accidents such as broken glass and car interiors can carry traces of potentially harmful biohazards for weeks after an accident. If the vehicle or accident scene is not properly cleaned, there is a risk of exposure to others who may come in contact with these elements.

Bio Clean Services is experienced in removing all traces of harmful biohazards from accident and transport vehicles. With professional grade chemicals, strict protocols and following the guidelines of proper cleanup we help ensure that vehicle and property owners are at risk for potential liabilities to others. Removing traces of blood and other biohazards from vehicles is a difficult task and without proper training, someone attempting to clean it is putting themselves at serious risk.

Drunk driving not only affects the driver, it also endangers the lives of passengers, pedestrians and other motorists. With inexpensive methods of transportation like Uber, Lyft and reduced cab fares in resort and vacation areas, we advise anyone who plans on drinking even one drink to not drive. Drivers fail to realize, especially during spring break that not only may they be impaired, but so may other drivers or pedestrians and this exponentially increases the chances of deadly, life changing accidents.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Are employees allowed to clean up blood at work?

How many times have you seen an accident happen at work that involved blood? If you work in a construction or mechanical industry, chances are it’s a lot! Bio Clean Services provides industrial clean up services in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas.

Every person who owns and operates a business with employees should have an emergency  blood/biohazard clean up protocol in place. Unless your employees are specifically trained and certified in blood and biohazard remediation, it is never a good idea to have employees clean up blood and other bodily fluids in the workplace.

Because the health condition of most people is not known, any blood or bodily fluids should be cleaned up by a professional biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services. We are experienced in the removal and disposal of biohazard materials and are certified to return a biohazard scene to a safe area for other employees. If you allow an untrained employee to perform the clean up task, you not only are putting their health at risk, but may be held liable in the event that the employees health becomes compromised. This is also true for allowing other employees to come in contact with a biohazard scene in the workplace.

In the event of an accident involving blood and bodily fluids, the best possible thing you can do is get the injured person medical attention immediately then seal off the affected area to keep others safe. Contact Bio Clean Services immediately for emergency dispatch so we can properly clean the accident scene and restore it to pre-incident, biohazard free condition.

For more information about workplace accidents and help with establishing the proper protocol for your business visit the OSHA website for complete instructions or contact our office to establish an emergency procedure protocol for your employees.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why are costs for biohazard cleanup so high?

If someone dies as a result of natural causes, violent crime, murder or suicide in a residence or place of business, the burden of clean up typically falls on the property owner. Obviously this is a traumatic task that few people are willing to undertake themselves. But why are the costs for cleanup of these scenes so expensive?

Biohazard cleanup companies like Bio Clean Services guarantee the scene will be restored to it’s original pre-incident state after the victim has been removed from the scene.  There are several factors that determine the amount of time and services that our clients need. These factors are usually:

• How long was the death unattended

• Where it happened

• What type of scene it is (How it happened)

• What elements are in the scene where it occurred

If the body was in a decomposing state when removed, the cleanup is even more challenging because insects move into the body after death and may still be in the scene area after the body is removed by a coroner.  It’s customary to also have body fluids, liquefied skin and organ tissues that have soaked into carpeting, flooring or other surfaces in contact with the scene. The most difficult task is generally remediation of the smell from the scene as the body will release ammonia gases that permeate these areas and can linger for months.

Our technicians are required to wear protective suits and respirators and utilize OSHA and EPA compliant chemicals to decontaminate these areas. Special equipment is used and all waste materials must be properly placed in safety sealed bags and disposed of. This usually requires obtaining permits from local officials with specific directives on how the waste is to be transported and disposed.  Sometimes, medical-waste incinerators need to be used for this type of disposal.

Once the initial cleaning has been performed, it is necessary for Bio Clean Services to inspect every detail of these scenes utilizing special instruments and equipment to search for even the smallest trace elements of contamination (not seen with the visible eye). This inspection helps determine if the scene will need our construction crews to remove flooring, walls, insulation or other structural materials in effort to ensure proper cleaning for the safety of our clients.

As you can see from just a few short paragraphs, biohazard cleaning and decontamination of these types of scenes is more than a simple wash down with bleach. Obtaining permits, disposal charges, and construction costs are common factors that dictate what cleanup charges will be.

Depending on the circumstances, property owners may have coverage options through property insurance policies. In this regard, most companies will provide a service that handles all the paperwork for filing a claim. If insurance coverage is not available, they can also help their clients in contacting various charitable or religious organizations that can provide financial assistance.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What happens to all biohazard waste once removed from a scene?

Crime, trauma, blood and biohazard cleanup companies like Bio Clean Services assist people in dealing with the aftermath and cleanup of biohazards. But what actually happens to the biohazard waste once removed from the scene?

Our technicians are specifically trained to follow state and local guidelines for waste disposal.  Organizations like OSHA leave it up to individual companies to determine what is or is not contaminated however, improper disposal carries stiff fines if an investigation determines a company’s mishandling in the disposal process.

When biohazard cleanup companies remove articles from a scene, it is determined at that time what is actually a contaminated article that needs special disposal. For example, a piece of furniture such as a bed or sofa may contain a blood stain. The area of the furniture that contains blood would be considered contaminated, so technicians remove the contaminated area and properly dispose while the remaining portion of the furniture can be disposed of by regular trash removal methods.

Any materials from a death, blood, crime or other trauma scenes that are contaminated are collected in proper, clearly marked biohazard containers. Once these materials leave the scene they are either take to a facility that collects and disposes of biohazard materials or they utilize mobile biohazard pick up and transport services to come collect the materials and transport for proper disposal.

Bio Clean Services maintains all of the necessary certifications and permits for biohazard material handling and disposal. Our company contracts with a certified biohazard disposal company who picks up contaminated materials and delivers them to a processing facility for proper disposal. Because of this every changing world and the uncertainty of what you may be dealing with, it is always recommended that you hire a professional, certified biohazard cleanup company.

If you attempt to clean up and dispose of biohazards without following the proper protocol, you may be endangering the health and safety of others as well as be subject to legal action from authorities for the improper disposal. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

The police, fire and other rescue departments play a crucial part in handling the many tasks after a death or suicide.  These crucial professionals however, do not clean up the trauma scene. Trauma-scene clean up is a niche market within the cleaning industry and many clean up steps following a trauma must adhere to strict regulations for handling decontamination and materials.

Special equipment, chemicals and materials are necessary when performing this type of clean up as it involves dangerous and most often contaminated materials that cannot be cleaned up using conventional house cleaning methods. Depending on the location of the trauma scene, different precautionary practices become applicable to ensure safety.

Some different types of Trauma Scene Clean Up can be:

• Death Clean Up  (Resulting from natural death, an accident or a violet trauma such as murder)

• Suicide Clean Up

• Biohazard Clean Up (Clean up of blood and other hazardous wastes, meth labs and other chemically contaminated scenes)

Bio Clean Services offers these cleaning services and more.  With offices located in northeast United States they are able to offer 24 hour and emergency services to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia.

Since families of crime and trauma victims typically do not leave the home after this occurs, our job is to remove any sign of what happened and any biohazardous materials that may be present from the incident.  These biohazardous items are materials such as blood or tissues at a crime scene, bodily fluid removal and waste associated with the clean up.  

It is definitely not advised for family members or friends of family to attempt cleaning these scenes.  Often times with trauma and death scenes specifically, there are specific protocols that must be practiced in order to ensure the safety of yourself and others.  Special permits are required for handling these materials and substances and intense training should be completed by the professional who performs the clean up.  Bio Clean Services is certified to performs these and many other types of clean up.  For more information about what we do preview our SERVICES.  We realize in the midst of these incidents that it’s a very difficult time for families and people associated with incidents.  We are professions, compassionate and willing to help you restore these scenes to before incident conditions.  CONTACT US for more information on how we can be of service to you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to choose the right biohazard cleanup company

Having been in the Crime Scene and biohazard clean up industry for over a decade, Bio Clean Services has worked hundreds of clean up scenes. Surprisingly, several of the jobs performed were as a result of non-reputable cleaning companies who did not follow proper protocols and techniques when cleaning these scenes.

If crime, trauma, suicide and other biohazard scenes are not properly cleaned, weeks, months, and even a year later clients have reported horrible odors, infestations of bugs, stains and other problems that all stem from the fact that the original cleaning company did not properly remediate.

How do you know if you are hiring a legitimate clean up company?  There are a few things to look for when selecting a company. Bio Clean Services has built a reputation following these same tips.

1. Search for a company that holds certifications in biohazard cleaning.

2. Ask your law enforcement of grief management staff at the scene who they would suggest.

3. Ask the company for references from other clients they’ve worked for.  Individuals may not feel comfortable sharing their experience, but a reputable company should be able to provide you with references of companies, apartment managers and other industrial business owners who have used the company’s services.

4. Ask the company representative if they are familiar with working with insurance claims and what happens if the insurance company denies the claim. If they aren’t familiar then chances are they aren’t certified, will cut corners and discount the price greatly. (Referencing the jobs we perform after these companies provide inadequate services)

5. Pay attention to the compassion of the person you are interviewing to hire. Larger national companies do not always provide the best service.  Locally owned companies that are certified and have a small staff usually do this type of work because they are compassionate about the clients and have a desire to ensure the safety and good health of their community.  You should be able to tell if the person is just working a job, or if they are professional, compassionate and relate to your level of grief and concern.

Not all companies are the same. Building a reputation in the biohazard clean up industry takes hard work, dedication and it’s not something that just anyone can do.  Bio Clean Services has provided these professional, compassionate services for over a decade throughout the Northeastern United States.  We’ve worked on hundreds of jobs relating to death, trauma, suicide, meth labs, hoarding, animals, gross filth and negligence and more. Contact our office immediately if you have a situation that requires this type of cleaning.  Never attempt to clean these scenes on your own. It will put your health and the health of others at a much greater risk.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Questions about biohazard cleaning

The most important thing in handling the crime scene clean up is that affected things should be cleaned in a way by which life will be danger free in future. It is imperative that one employs the help of the experienced bio hazard technicians who are certified and well trained to remove the fluid materials of body and blood or other biohazard materials.  Often there are various items such as walls, carpet, furniture, wallpaper, flooring, etc that will need to be disposed of in the red bio-hazard bags.  Disposal can usually be taken to a state-regulated and federal- regulated site. Laws do not permit the use of dumpster to dispose the items. According to the laws of federal and state, a bio-hazard clean up will need to store the records of the place where disposal is taken place and include what was disposed. It is suggested that these records be stored for 30 years. It’s also important that permits and certification information be retained for the same amount of time should they ever need to be reviewed.

Why is trauma and crime scene clean up so dangerous? The cleanup process of a scene may be easy and simple. But, clean up technicians have to be trained in how to handle materials to avoid contact with deadly diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases that can be occurred by affection of bio-hazards. Frequently sharp items that can puncture your skin are found to be present during clean up. It’s also possible that a cleaner’s mouth and eyes can be affected accidentally during the removal of biohazard items.

Why should someone call a biohazard clean up company?  When it comes to cleaning and removal from a biohazard trauma scene, family members, friends or people associated want to clean the scene themselves.  Seldom do they realize that the tasks are physically and emotionally overwhelming. Bio Clean Services is trained in the removal of biohazard items such as body fluids, decomposing bodies, human tissues, hypodermic needles, blood, etc.  Our technicians are fully trained and certified in the removal of these materials and have been specifically trained to restore a scene to a better than original condition. Utilizing a trained professional company like Bio Clean Services enables you to avoid the emotional distress of the work. Anyone attempting to clean a biohazard scene may also run the risk of certain liabilities should someone cleaning become exposed to harmful items and substances.

Who pays for biohazard and crime scene clean up? Depending on the circumstances and where the incident occurs, ordinarily the insurance company pays for the clean up. Every insurance carrier is different and certain restrictions may apply.  Anyone having to hire a professional clean up company should contact the insurance company to review these limitations; if any.