Friday, August 29, 2014

Blood Cleanup Procedures

Blood and other bodily fluid spills that occur inside or in an outside environment need to be decontaminated to prevent the possible transmission of communicable disease and other health risks. Bio Clean Services provides blood cleanup and other biohazard decontamination services in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Even a tiny drop of blood, if splashed, can cover a large surface area so it’s important that you hire a professional biohazard cleanup company to assist you in restoring the site to completely safe condition quickly. Our technicians maintain specific bloodborne pathogen training and are familiar with the practices of safe biohazard handling and removal.

We frequently receive calls related to death, trauma, suicide and even violent crime scenes that contain the presence of blood and other biohazards. Once investigators or emergency personnel leave the site, it then becomes the property owners responsibility to have the aftermath cleaned up. Police and emergency personnel do not clean these area. They often times leave behind medical waste, blood soaked materials, fingerprint dust, luminal and other materials used in their investigation or on site treatment. Bio Clean Services offers 24 hour emergency dispatch to help clients who are in need of biohazard decontamination.

These sites should not be cleaned using normal household chemicals. Chemicals not designed for biohazard cleanup can actually make the site much harder for professionals to re-clean. Our technicians work with specific equipment that will detect even the smallest traces of blood and we make certain that the scenes are completely free from any biohazard materials that could potentially affect the health of others.  This diminishes the risk of potential transmission of diseases and the liability of the property owner for not having it properly cleaned.

If you or someone you know has experienced an accident or traumatic event that requires biohazard cleanup, contact our office immediately for assistance.  We are familiar with all Federal and State biohazard cleanup regulations and can offer our assistance in helping file insurance and other financial assistance claims.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The importance of Crime Scene Cleanup

Most people only see crime, death and trauma scenes on TV shows like “CSI”, “Law & Order” and many others where only post death scenes are shown. For hundreds of Americans every day, crime and trauma becomes a harsh reality.  Bio Clean Services provides biohazard decontamination for death, trauma, crime, suicide and many other forms of biohazard site cleanups.

Death, especially in a violent manner, are messy and almost always contain blood and other bodily fluid spills. Once investigators have completed their jobs, the victims family, friends or the property owner becomes responsible for cleanup and decontamination. The same scenario applies to crime scenes, even non-violent crimes. There is always fingerprint dust, luminol and other materials used by investigators that are nearly impossible for untrained individuals to clean up. If there is glass breakage there is always a potential for the presence of blood that may not be seen by an individual who attempts to clean the site on their own.

Bio Clean Services maintains proper equipment that is necessary in the discovery of blood and other biohazard materials. Our technicians are qualified to handle and remove the biohazard materials and decontaminate the site returning it to a pre-incident condition.  When you are faced with these situations it is important that you know what could happen if a site is not properly cleaned:

• Undiscovered blood can cause horrific odors, attract bugs and potentially spread communicable disease

• You or the property owner could be held liable for inadequate cleaning if someone’s health becomes compromised or a communicable disease is spread.

• You may end up paying thousands of dollars to restore areas that a professional company like Bio Clean Services could have been able to salvage.

These are just a few examples. Every situation is different and requires a specific cleanup  protocol.  If you or someone you know has experienced a crime, death or traumatic incident, call us now. We offer fast 24/7 emergency services to assist you with proper clean up.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Providing Trauma and Accident Scene Cleanup Services

When it is necessary to remediate an accident or trauma site, it’s important that you hire a professional biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services. With over a decade of experience in biohazard cleaning and material handling, we are ready to assist you 24/7 in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia.

Bio Clean Services performs biohazard cleanup for the following accident or trauma sites:


When accidents occur at the workplace they usually result in extensive damages and pose immediate health risks to others associated with the trauma site. Our technicians work discreetly to remediate the site following strict OSHA guidelines and protocols set by State and Federal agencies. Cleanup teams are compassionate and experienced in working in workplace environments.


Traumatic death is emotionally overwhelming to the victims families and loved ones. These types of death sites pose a high risk of infectious disease and other biohazard contaminations from the presence of blood, bodily fluids and the microorganisms that are associated with decomposition. We suggest that you always hire a licensed professional company like Bio Clean Services  to perform these tasks. We maintain necessary equipment and use industrial chemicals to help clean and remediate the site. Household products used in this type of cleanup can only temporarily mask the biohazards that remain putting property owners and others health in jeopardy.


Traffic accidents occur frequently and most always require some form of biohazard cleaning. Some accidents are fatal, others leave the victims critically injured. Emergency response personnel arrive at accident scenes and once they’re gone, usually leave behind medical waste and other materials that contain biohazards. Since the injured person’s medical conditions are not known, there is a high risk for potential transmission of infectious diseases and other microorganisms that can be harmful to someone’s health if not handled properly.  Our technicians also provide vehicle cleaning services to remove blood and other materials from automobiles involved in accidents.  If these vehicles are not properly cleaned the owner can experience terrible odors, bugs and other types of health risks associated from an improper cleanup.

Bio Clean Services provides many other biohazard services as well, please visit our website at for complete information or contact our office to get immediate assistance in cleaning your biohazard site. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 Year Old Toddler Dies Playing With Loaded Gun

This headline and many like it are becoming more prevalent in today’s news. Gun owners continue to be irresponsible leaving loaded firearms within the reach of small children who don’t understand that they are not toys. Many cases end in death or serious injury to the child and the irresponsible party goes unpunished for what many Americans believe should be a convictable offense.

Bio Clean Services provides cleanup services in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia for death, trauma, suicide, personal injury and many other biohazard sites. When accidents like these occur, the trauma associated leaves family members and loved ones responsible for cleanup and to return the site to a safe environment for others.  In most traumatic accidents we find the presence of blood and other biohazard materials that can potentially cause the spread of infectious diseases and other health related problems. Bio Clean Services is experienced in the proper cleanup and disposal of biohazards from these and many other sites. We maintain all necessary permits and certifications and work discreetly to return these sites to a safe and sanitized environment quickly.

There are several other forms of accidents and traumatic events that also require professional biohazard cleanup. We suggest that untrained individuals never attempt to clean these sites themselves, but rather employ a professional company to perform the tasks correctly.  There are many unseen health risks associated with death and trauma scenes. Out technicians are experienced and maintain the proper equipment to perform cleanup to ensure a completely safe remediation.

If you, or someone you know has a traumatic emergency that requires cleaning, contact our office for immediate assistance.  Bio Clean Services offers 24/7 emergency dispatch and can reach any client within our four state region quickly.  Our services are always professional, discreet and we are familiar in working with insurance companies and other agencies who offer financial assistance in these types of cleanup jobs.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The unnecessary death of children in hot cars

Summertime temperatures in every region of our country have risen over the past several years. With global warming and other environmental elements, the temperatures seem to show a steady increase.  Double the hot temperatures and an automobile with windows rolled up and you have a fatal scenario for children and even elderly that are left alone in hot cars. If an average outside temperature is 90 degrees in a closed car it can reach in excess of 110 degrees in as little as 30 minutes. Children, elderly and even pets left alone in a closed car in this extreme heat are literally dying from heat strokes.

Bio Clean Services provides cleanup services for death, crime, trauma, suicide and many other biohazard incidents.  We receive calls frequently for cleanup of automobiles that contain biohazards from blood and other potentially dangerous bodily fluids after someone had been in an accident, committed suicide or expired in a vehicle.

There are currently huge controversies all across our nation regarding parents and caregivers leaving children in locked cars during extreme heat.  Not that it’s acceptable to do it at all (most people’s opinion), but  there is too much public media and awareness of this for someone to claim they didn’t know. In most cases it is later determined that the parent or caregiver was suffering from emotional disorders, addictions and other problematic scenarios that attributed to the death of these victims.

Bio Clean Services is experienced in cleanup of aftermath from biohazard scenes like this. Our company is certified and licensed for biohazard handling and disposal. Our teams consist of discreet, compassionate professionals who are experienced in dealing with clients during the cleanup of traumatic events and death scenes.  Servicing northeastern United States, we are able to provide emergency dispatch to meet our client’s needs.  If you, or someone you know experiences a traumatic event and biohazard cleanup is necessary contact our office immediately. Our staff is trained to aide you in the cleanup and dedicated to the health and safety of everyone surrounding the incident scene.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Prison guard suicides on the rise this year.

Bio Clean Services receives many calls for aftermath cleanup from suicide scenes.  When people hear suicides they usually think of depressed, emotionally challenged individuals alone at home or in some remote areas. This is true in many cases, however suicide victims can be someone with emotional disorders, professionals in high stress industries, someone with financial problems or even children with relation to crimes, drugs, gangs or even bullying.

Recently the awareness of personnel in America’s prison systems has noticed an increase in the amount of staff suicides. Primarily the thought is that there is a direct relation between the dismal environment that workers endure and the feeling of hopelessness that is associated with prisoners, especially ones that have been sentenced to life without parole.  These workers typically work long hours and in most cases are confined to one specific area and never see the outside world once they report for duty.

These workers deal with violent fights, suicides, murders and many other scenarios inside prison facilities so it’s understandable that it can take an emotional toll on workers.  Bio Clean Services provides biohazard cleanup services for police jail cells, prisons and other secure facilities where biohazards such as blood, urine, feces and other bodily fluids are present.  We are skilled in handling and removal of biohazards in a discreet, safe manner and restoring these scenes to a safe sanitized environment. 

Agencies and prisons often contract our services due to liabilities associated with the biohazard cleanup. It is too costly and time consuming for prisons, police departments and some emergency transport services to maintain the proper permits and certifications needed to perform the cleanup job. The risks associated with the cleanup process are simply too great for these agencies. Our company is experienced, insured and we maintain all of the necessary permits to handle biohazard cleanup jobs.

Servicing a four state region in the northeastern United States we offer 24 hour emergency dispatch to serve our clients. Depending on the type of incident, we have staff accustomed to working in maximum security facilities and are familiar with the privacy protocols associated with these incident scenes. Contact our office to learn more about contracting our company for your commercial or agency needs.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Occupational Accident Biohazard Cleanup

Bio Clean Services provides cleanup services for death, trauma, crime, suicide and other biohazards in the northeastern United States.  When most people hear about these types of incidents, they almost always relate them to a person’s home. Occupational accidents and biohazard cleanup are a large amount of the jobs our company performs.  The fact is, Americans are busier now than ever before and it seems the largest portion of a person’s day is where they work. Almost every industry or workplace has the potential for dangerous accidents or biohazard incidents that can affect everyone in the workplace.  We provide industrial cleanup services that help protect others in the workplace when incidents occur.

From heavy equipment accidents, slip and falls and even workplace suicides, our technicians are licensed and trained to provide professional, discreet biohazard cleanup and removal.  When workplace accidents occur in most cases we see the presence of blood, bodily fluids and other materials that can be harmful to everyone in a workplace if not properly cleaned and sanitized.  We follow strict guidelines set by OSHA for the cleanup and removal of all biohazard materials and our teams disinfect and sanitize all affected areas returning them to a safe environment for others.

Our training and experience in the biohazard cleanup industry has helped train us to deal with the emotional trauma that is associated with most of these incidents. We work discreetly to remediate the scenes and are professional and compassionate in dealing with the individuals directly involved to ensure their privacy and safety.

Bio Clean Services maintains all permits and certifications necessary for biohazard handling and our services help diminish the liabilities for property and business owners. We suggest that anyone faced with the cleanup of a biohazard incident employ a professional company. If these scenes are improperly cleaned and proper protocol is not followed, business and property owners may be liable for improper disposal and any health or safety issues that can arise after an incident scene is improperly cleaned.  Contact our office today for complete details on the work that we perform and how we can assist you in the proper cleanup of your biohazard scenes.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Violent Crimes and Carjacking Biohazards

Courtesy of Chicago News Report
Over the past decade violent carjacking crimes have steadily been on the rise. Bio Clean Services provides cleanup services for death, trauma, crime, suicide and many other biohazard incidents.  These violent carjacking crimes frequently require cleanup from gunshots and other bodily injuries where there is a presence of blood and bodily fluids.  Our technicians are experienced in the cleanup and decontamination of blood from these vehicles, returning them to a pre-incident state. We are certified and trained in the removal and disposal of most biohazards and follow strict Federal and State regulations associated with biohazard handling.

Often times with automobile crimes we find that we have to remove and replace parts of the automobile to ensure that the vehicle is completely free of all biohazard materials. This may include removal and replacement of seats, carpeting, dashes, consoles and other pieces. If as little as one or two tiny blood drops are missed during the cleanup may cause infectious pathogens that can affect the health of anyone that may come in contact with it. There is also the possibility of bad odors and the attraction of bugs and insects that are extremely difficult to remove.

Bio Clean Services also receives frequent calls to provide the same cleaning and sanitation services on police transport and other emergency vehicles. Any time these transport vehicles contain biohazards such as blood, vomit, feces, urine or other biohazards, they must be removed from service and properly cleaned and sanitized before they can be used again.  Police and other emergency departments are now employing professional companies like ours to perform these cleanup services as it is too costly to maintain personnel and certifications for staff members to perform the cleanup.  They have also found that there is less liability in hiring a professional cleanup company like Bio Clean Services because we are specifically trained for what we do, maintain all necessary permits and certifications and can offer the assurance that these vehicles are safe and returned to service as quick as possible.

If you or someone you know is the victim of a violent carjacking crime or you need professional biohazard cleanup services, contact our office immediately. We offer 24 hour emergency dispatch to serve our clients.