Friday, June 3, 2016

Blood Cleanup Services Pittsburgh, PA

At some point during our lives it’s inevitable that we must deal with blood clean up from a trauma, death or some form of accident. Bio Clean Services  provides blood cleanup service in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding cities.

When blood leaves the body it eventually dries. Depending on the type of surface that the blood is on depends on how long the drying process is.  Blood leaves the body in liquid format and then begins clotting where the potential of particles flaking can create serious biohazard risks. Clotting can happen in as little as fifteen minutes and the dried flakes can become airborne (depending on the blood scene scenario) spreading potentially dangerous biohazards to other areas away from where the blood spill occurred.

In most cases the medical conditions of the person who’s experienced a trauma or death causing blood spills are not known. If you are the person responsible for blood cleanup services, it’s important that you know the risks associated with cleanup and hire Bio Clean Services, a Pittsburgh, PA Blood Cleanup company to safely clean and sanitize the biohazard area.  Once blood leaves the body, there are many factors that cause blood to quickly become a dangerous biohazard. Our technicians are experienced in blood cleanup  and biohazard removal services.  Our company maintains the proper permits and equipment necessary to perform blood cleanup services in compliance with State and Federal guidelines. IF you are unfamiliar with these protocols, you are putting yourself and others at risk. You may also be subject to strict fines and penalties if you perform an improper biohazard cleanup.

If you find yourself being faced with the responsibility of cleaning up blood from a trauma, accident or death scene, contact Bio Clean Services  immediately for assistance. We offer emergency dispatch services for blood cleanup in Pittsburgh, PA and are familiar with payment assistance options that may help cover the costs of our services.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Crime Scene Cleanup Detroit, MI

Bio Clean Services has been providing Crime Scene Cleanup in Detroit, MI and surrounding cities for decades.  Crime Scene Investigations are much more complex than what most of us see on popular television shows like “CSI”.

When a crime occurs, responders who perform the investigation appear and isolate the crime scene to look for evidence.  This process can take hours, days or even weeks depending on the nature of the crime. Investigators sometimes comb every inch of a scene looking for evidence that will help prove what actually happened, especially if there are no witnesses to the crime. In searching for these clues the potential for scattering dangerous biohazards occurs. In some instances, what starts off being a small area can become an expanded scene with many different types of biohazards.

If blood or other bodily fluids are present as a result of a crime, the chances of spreading biohazards to other parts of the scene are likely.  Pathogens from a crime scene can be redistributed by footsteps, medical waste being moved, dried blood becoming airborne particles and more.  These types of scenes need professional crime scene cleanup services provided by Bio Clean Services.  Once investigators and emergency personnel have completed their investigation, the scenes are usually then turned over to the person who owns the scene or a friend or family member.

Investigators and emergency responders do not clean up these crime scenes. If you are not experienced in crime scene biohazard cleanup, call the professionals at Bio Clean Services. We maintain all of the necessary equipment and certifications to perform safe, thorough crime scene cleanup in Detroit or surrounding areas.  Even if the crime scene doesn’t appear to have biohazards, fingerprint dust and other methods used for the purpose of investigating a crime scene may be potentially harmful. Bio Clean Service technicians are experienced in the safe cleanup and remediation of crime scenes and through the use of specialized equipment and cleaning process are able to discover even trace elements of biohazards that may not be visible to the human eye.

It is not possible for untrained individuals to know about all of the possibilities of biohazards associated with crime scene cleanup. The services we provide are meant to help protect you and others who may be involved with these types of scenes.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to get rid of a biohazard mattress?

Frequently we receive calls from clients asking about mattress disposal and what exactly constitutes a biohazard situation that would require professional disposal.  Bio Clean Services provides biohazard cleanup and waste disposal in Dayton, Ohio.

Most people don’t understand that anytime blood or bodily fluids come in contact with a mattress there is the potential for a dangerous biohazard situation.  Blood, urine, fecal matter and other bodily fluids can all contain infectious diseases that must be properly cleaned.  Blood and bodily fluids once dried can become airborne and are able to be ingested by normal breathing by anyone in the affected area.  Because these scenarios are usually related to trauma, crime or medical circumstances, you cannot just sit a mattress out for normal garbage collection.  Doing so risks the health of the workers who collect garbage, the area where the mattress is stored while waiting for garbage pick up and even the disposal site.

Blood and bodily fluids can cause horrific odors and attract the presence of bugs and insects for weeks after an incident occurs.  Bio Clean Services uses industrial chemicals to properly clean and disinfect these types of scenes.

Proper mattress disposal would include our cutting away the area affected with the biohazard, sealing the waste in proper biohazard bags or containers and taking the waste to a facility that is certified in the proper disposal of biohazard waste, usually be incineration.  Because biohazards are found in many forms related to the human body, it is always best to consult with a biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services to ensure that mattresses are properly disposed of.

Contact our office for more information on how are services can keep you safe in the event of a biohazard accident. Our technicians are certified and will be able to help you decide which method of disposal is right for your scenario.

Monday, May 16, 2016

What exactly is emergency response?

Bio Clean Services  provides emergency biohazard cleanup from Crime, Death, Trauma and Blood Scenes.  Each scene we clean has a different set of circumstances, so how do you know what is really a situation that requires emergency response.  The short answer is, almost every case involving blood, bodily fluids and other matter from these types of scenes is a potentially dangerous environment for people.

If you are responsible for the cleanup of a blood or biohazard scene and there are other people living in the home or it’s a workplace with employees in the same area, this would constitute an emergency response need.  If there is a trauma, blood spill or medical biohazard situation in an area that is closed off from contact with anyone, or a scene like an undiscovered death where the area can be quarantined, then it is easier for companies like Bio Clean Services to schedule a non-emergency cleanup.

Any time you are faced with the responsibility of having to have a biohazard scene cleaned and materials removed, you run the risk of exposing yourself and others to potentially dangerous pathogens that can be harmful to your health and in certain cases, even fatal. People who are not certified in biohazard cleanup and removal should never attempt to remediate a scene themselves.  Improper cleaning can easily spread potentially dangerous biohazards to other people or areas.

Out trained, professional staff is experienced in certified biohazard cleanup and we maintain the necessary equipment and cleanup protocols that help protect our clients from these types of liabilities. If you experience a trauma, crime or other blood and biohazard situation, contact us for more information. We will ask a series of questions that will help determine if you need emergency cleanup services or just standard cleaning and biohazard removal.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Who we work for

Bio Clean Services provides Death, Crime, Trauma, and Blood cleanup services in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding cities.  Many people are aware of biohazard cleanup companies, but they usually don’t understand who we work for.

Our services are primarily provided to individuals or families of Crime, Trauma, Death and Suicide victims however we also provide services for industrial accident cleanup at companies, apartment biohazard cleaning and even police department blood and biohazard cleanup scenes.  So the complete answer is Bio Clean Services provides services for any individual, family or business that is faced with the responsibility of performing biohazard cleanup.

Because there are many forms of biohazards, in most cases our clients contact us because they have no idea how to properly remove these potentially harmful elements from the scene or they aren’t sure what liabilities they will be faced with if the remediation is not done correctly.  Our job is to assist these customers with proper cleanup, removal and disposal of any form of biohazard found at these scenes.

For over a decade we have been providing licensed, professional cleanup services for customers who have no idea the dangers that are associated.  Our trained professional staff helps customers identify the biohazards and we perform proper cleaning and removal techniques to ensure that a scene is completely free of any biohazards that may be potentially harmful to others.

If you, or someone you know becomes responsible for blood or biohazard cleanup in Detroit or a surrounding area, contact Bio Clean Services immediately for more information on how we can help.  Our staff is trained in assisting clients with insurance claims and other resources that may help pay for the cleanup costs.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Are landlords responsible to hire a certified biohazard company after crime?

We receive numerous calls from landlords and rental property owners who are faced with the dilemma of dealing with Crime, Death, Suicide and Blood scenes at their properties.  Almost always, we are asked “Are we responsible for the cleanup of these scenes?”  Bio Clean Services provides cleanup of Blood, Death, Trauma, Crime and other biohazard related scenes throughout Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding cities.

To answer in short, the owner of a property, or its authorized managing agent is responsible for the cleanup, removal and disposal of any biohazard materials found on their property.  If these biohazards are directly related to an incident involving a tenant, it is still the property owner or managers responsibility. Ordinarily, there are multiple tenants in or around rental properties and it is up to the owner or management of the property to protect the health and well being of the other residents or people who may come in contact with an affected area.

Our service technicians are licensed and specifically trained to clean, remove and dispose of any forms of biohazard found at a property. The typical forms are form Crime, Death, Suicide or violent trauma but can also include illegal drug manufacturing, hoarding and other forms of gross filth and negligence from tenants.  Because biohazards take on many forms, landlords or property owners should never attempt to clean these scenes on their own or have an employee perform the cleanup.  Let’s face it, how many landlords or property owners actually know the health status of their tenants.

If a biohazard situation is discovered, the scene must be treated as though it is extremely dangerous and every precaution taken to protect anyone who may be in contact with the property.  Bio Clean Service technicians are experienced in dealing with property owners and managers to discreetly remediate the property and work hard to eliminate all traces of biohazards quickly and safely.

If you are a landlord or property owner and experience a biohazard situation that requires cleanup, contact us immediately for service. We realize that these types of cleanup require an immediate response and offer emergency dispatch to help you contain the area and protect your staff and your tenants and their families.

Monday, April 25, 2016

What families don’t understand about our work

When you experience a death, suicide, trauma or other biohazard related incident it is important to know the reasons why you should always hire a certified biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services.

Most people don’t understand when incidents occur it is not only traumatizing for the family members but a huge risk of contracting health compromising diseases from blood and other pathogens that are associated with a scene.  Most people believe that a biohazard scene can be cleaned using bleach and other household products and this is the main reason they don’t understand what we do and why it’s important.

Biohazards related to blood, bodily fluids and remains of a scene have to be cleaned using industrial grade chemicals, special equipment and techniques only known to trained or certified professionals.  Bio Clean Services  maintains certifications in biohazard cleanup, removal, waste disposal and other services areas that can ensure your trauma scene is restored to a healthy, inhabitable condition.

In most cases the full health details of a victim are not known. Every biohazard scene must be handled with extreme caution as though it contained infectious diseases or other pathogens that can be harmful or deadly to someone who is not trained to clean up biohazards.

If you or someone you know experiences a death, suicide or blood spill related trauma, contact our team of professionals for certified cleanup at once.  In most cases insurance companies will cover the cost of professional biohazard clean up and it is important that you know the facts about remaining safe when experiencing the responsibility of dealing with biohazard cleaning.