Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to get rid of a biohazard mattress?

Frequently we receive calls from clients asking about mattress disposal and what exactly constitutes a biohazard situation that would require professional disposal.  Bio Clean Services provides biohazard cleanup and waste disposal in Dayton, Ohio.

Most people don’t understand that anytime blood or bodily fluids come in contact with a mattress there is the potential for a dangerous biohazard situation.  Blood, urine, fecal matter and other bodily fluids can all contain infectious diseases that must be properly cleaned.  Blood and bodily fluids once dried can become airborne and are able to be ingested by normal breathing by anyone in the affected area.  Because these scenarios are usually related to trauma, crime or medical circumstances, you cannot just sit a mattress out for normal garbage collection.  Doing so risks the health of the workers who collect garbage, the area where the mattress is stored while waiting for garbage pick up and even the disposal site.

Blood and bodily fluids can cause horrific odors and attract the presence of bugs and insects for weeks after an incident occurs.  Bio Clean Services uses industrial chemicals to properly clean and disinfect these types of scenes.

Proper mattress disposal would include our cutting away the area affected with the biohazard, sealing the waste in proper biohazard bags or containers and taking the waste to a facility that is certified in the proper disposal of biohazard waste, usually be incineration.  Because biohazards are found in many forms related to the human body, it is always best to consult with a biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services to ensure that mattresses are properly disposed of.

Contact our office for more information on how are services can keep you safe in the event of a biohazard accident. Our technicians are certified and will be able to help you decide which method of disposal is right for your scenario.


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