Monday, April 25, 2016

What families don’t understand about our work

When you experience a death, suicide, trauma or other biohazard related incident it is important to know the reasons why you should always hire a certified biohazard cleanup company like Bio Clean Services.

Most people don’t understand when incidents occur it is not only traumatizing for the family members but a huge risk of contracting health compromising diseases from blood and other pathogens that are associated with a scene.  Most people believe that a biohazard scene can be cleaned using bleach and other household products and this is the main reason they don’t understand what we do and why it’s important.

Biohazards related to blood, bodily fluids and remains of a scene have to be cleaned using industrial grade chemicals, special equipment and techniques only known to trained or certified professionals.  Bio Clean Services  maintains certifications in biohazard cleanup, removal, waste disposal and other services areas that can ensure your trauma scene is restored to a healthy, inhabitable condition.

In most cases the full health details of a victim are not known. Every biohazard scene must be handled with extreme caution as though it contained infectious diseases or other pathogens that can be harmful or deadly to someone who is not trained to clean up biohazards.

If you or someone you know experiences a death, suicide or blood spill related trauma, contact our team of professionals for certified cleanup at once.  In most cases insurance companies will cover the cost of professional biohazard clean up and it is important that you know the facts about remaining safe when experiencing the responsibility of dealing with biohazard cleaning.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hazards on the job

When most people think of biohazard cleanup, they usually associate it with the process of cleaning up blood but there is so much more to what a professional biohazard technician does.  Being a biohazard cleanup expert is a dangerous job and many hazards associated with what we do are not known to untrained professionals.

As a biohazard cleanup professional Bio Clean Services performs blood cleanup services which also entails murder scenes, suicide and violent crime scenes. While these are the most common jobs we perform, we also provide services for hoarding cleanup, junk removal, workplace related accidents, vehicle clean up services and even meth lab or other illegal drug cleanup.

It’s understood that blood cleanup has a huge potential for exposure to infectious pathogens that can be deadly if not handled properly. What’s not considered is the fact that hoarding, drug, junk and vehicle cleanup jobs also contain many hazards that are just as severe.  When cleaning drug scenes there are always chances of infection from contact with needles, explosive or deadly chemicals that could be ingested and even airborne pathogens that contain infectious bacteria from emergency vehicle cleanup jobs.

Because all incidents have a large level of uncertainty about the victims, it is imperative that extreme precautions be taken while handling the cleanup process of these jobs.  If an untrained individual were to attempt to clean up a biohazard scene without following proper protocols and decontamination practices, they may be held responsible if anyone were to become ill or die as a result of the improper cleanup.

If you experience a trauma or tragedy and are uncertain about the type of cleanup that may be needed, it is always best to contact a professional cleanup company like Bio Clean Services who will be able to help you determine the level of services needed.