Monday, September 29, 2014

Ending Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sexual assault is a terrible tragedy that happens to thousands of Americans each year. It’s an even more complex tragedy when it is happening more frequently on college campuses across the United States. For most people, the focus tends to be on the victim and the events surrounding the assault. These are very important factors in any assault case however, with every assault there is a huge biohazard potential associated with the crime. Bio Clean Services provides biohazard decontamination from crimes of sexual assault, violent deaths, home invasions and other intense traumas.

After the crime is committed, the biohazards that remain cannot simply be “washed away”. Blood, tissues, bodily fluids and other matter always remain at the crime scene and these biohazards must be properly remediated to avoid the potential of infections and contamination of others.  When sexual assault crimes are committed on college campuses (dorm rooms, public facilities to name a few) it’s important that these scenes be properly cleaned and disinfected. The areas are typically ones that many people are in or around and the risks and health hazards associated with these crimes puts the universities at huge risk for health issues and safety of other students.

Bio Clean Services maintains all necessary permits and certifications to properly clean, disinfect and remove all biohazard materials associated with these and other crime scenes.  We realize that these crimes traumatize many people and work discreetly and professionally to return the sites to a safe, sanitized area as soon as possible.  Each State maintains strict local and federal protocols for proper cleanup and biohazard handling. We arrive on scene with the proper equipment and materials, secure the site to avoid contamination spreading and completely restore the site to a pre-incident, safe condition.

If you are an administrator of faculty member of a College or University, please make sure that you have proper biohazard  handling protocols in place. If not,  create one and include Bio Clean Services as the company to contact for all biohazard cleanup and removal needs that arise.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Drug use creates huge potential for hidden biohazards

Drug abuse is one of the highest factors in putting people at risk for biohazard exposure.  for the people to get exposed to the bio-hazard dangers. The  United States is a developed country containing many laws and regulations in terms of fair usage of drugs and any deviation from that is termed as abuse. Other countries have less stringent regulations, therefore the risk of biohazard exposures are much greater.

Our country has a stringent medical regulations with protocols regarding  disposal of medical waste and related substances. This includes needles, tissues, disposable sheets and unused pharmaceutical substances. The amount of materials being used for personal and often illegal drug activities are astounding.  Nearly impossible to regulate materials being used for in-home medical care, improper disposal or common misuses cause transmissions of dangerous diseases and often cause death. Bio Clean Services is experienced in death, trauma, illegal drug and many other biohazard cleanup procedures. 

Apart from legal consequences, dealing with drug cleanup or death from biohazards associated with meth labs and other drug manufacturing practices can be emotionally overwhelming to the people left behind. Families, friends and often property owners are left with the aftermath, cleanup and all of the liabilities associated with these sites.  The Bio Clean Service technicians are experienced in proper cleanup and disposal of these biohazard materials. We maintain all necessary permits and certifications to perform these jobs according to strict State and Federal guidelines and work diligently to ensure each of our cleanup sites is completely safe and inhabitable after our cleanup.  This helps eliminate the risks of further exposure and health complications to others and diminishes the property owners liabilities associated.

Our team of professional experts offer services in a four state region including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. If you or someone you know is dealing with illegal drug activities or a death scene associates with this type of activity we are here to help you.  We offer 24/7 dispatch for emergencies and have a very quick response time to all non-emergency biohazard cleanup jobs.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hoarding generally occurs by cluttering of materials like garbage, furniture, clothing, flea market / yard sale items and more. Garbage is often considered as the major source for the formation dangerous biohazards associated with hording. Bio Clean Services performs hoarding and gross filth clean up for property owners and individuals who hoard. These hoardings are often very dangerous in congested household environments because the person lives in the contaminated surroundings every day. Hoarding in most cases is an addiction and the hoarder doesn’t realize that they are placing their health and the health of others at great risk.

Our technicians are experienced in disinfecting and sanitation of these types of sites. We maintain all necessary permits for the handling, removal and disposal of materials containing biohazards.  Even though we perform death, trauma and crime scene cleanup services, hoarding cleanup has become more prevalent over the past few decades. Our main objective is to remove the debris, remediate and disinfect the space and return the area to a safe habitable state for the property owner.

Most hoarders do not realize that accumulated garbage is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause major health complications. It also attracts rodents and insects that carry diseases that can be fatal to the hoarder. In most cases, it is necessary to remove all items from the space in order to properly disinfect and sanitize the structure itself.  Our technicians, in some cases, are able to salvage good pieces of furniture and other household items though the majority of items removed have to be disposed of to rid the risk of further contamination.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a hoarding issue, please contact Bio Clean Services immediately. Our trained technicians can give an on-site assessment and help you develop a plan to eliminate the debris, sanitize the space and protect the health of the hoarder and anyone associated with these conditions.  Many people will not seek the assistance of a professional company because of the stigma associated with hoarding. Bio Clean Services technicians perform gruesome cleanup of death and accident scenes so conditions associated with hoarding are nothing to be ashamed of.  Call us today, we can help. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Biohazard nature of a suicide event

Every event of untimely death is traumatic and suicide has very far reaching consequences. People who commit suicide have various reasons and family members and loved ones may never know how the victims get to the point of actually committing suicide.  Bio Clean Services provides cleanup and remediation of suicide, death and other trauma scenes throughout the northeastern United States. Though persons responsible for the cleanup of the aftermath have many resources to refer from in dealing with their trauma, suicide is something that every individual experiences differently. Our decontamination and cleanup experts are professional and experienced in dealing with the emotional trauma that friends and families of a suicide victim experience. We work discreetly and expediently to return the site to a safe and completely decontaminated state. Most individuals are neither emotionally or professionally prepared for the cleanup of suicide scenes that contain potentially dangerous biohazards from blood, body fluids and other matter that are always found at the scene.

Bio Clean Services is a certified biohazard cleanup company. We maintain all of the necessary certifications, permits and equipment to ensure that the property or scene is returned to a safe inhabitable environment. Most individuals are neither emotionally or professionally prepared for the cleanup of suicide scenes that contain potentially dangerous biohazards from blood, body fluids and other matter that are always found at the scene.  The risk of contamination and health compromises are too great for any untrained individual to attempt this form of cleanup, so they hire a professional biohazard company like ours to perform the tasks.

Even during a very emotional time it is imperative that you know the risks and liabilities associated with biohazard cleanup practices. We educate our clients and perform every cleanup job to standards acceptable with the State and Federal guidelines. We maintain all of the necessary permits for the removal and disposal of biohazard materials and we make certain that our clients have no liability from inadequate cleaning.

If you or someone you know finds yourself in a traumatic situation that requires death, blood or biohazard cleanup contact our office immediately. We offer 24/7 dispatch so our response times are always quick. We are experts in insurance claims and other document filings for organizations who may help cover the expense of your biohazard cleanup.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Call Bio Clean Services for blood spills, crime and trauma cleanup.


Blood is most commonly referred in the context of human beings. Human blood has a complex combination and can potentially transmit infections or virus. Blood spills are common either due to an accident, trauma, crime or even suicide. These  situations demand special attention and a professional biohazard company like Bio Clean Services to clean up the site. 

Risk of exposure to blood and need for caution

For many allied healthcare professionals, it is part of their work profile to deal with blood spills and subsequent clean –up as and when it is required. Apart from the healthcare professionals, who are trained and aware of standard Blood Clean-Up protocols, it is important that you know the intricacies of handling spilled blood. Before understanding the clean-up process and acquiring the knowledge about the equipment or accessories used in the process, it is important to know the basic risk of exposure to blood. Everyone who is being exposed to blood should consider that it can possibly be the carrier of any dreadful disease such as Hepatitis B or HIV, think as though every drop of blood carries risk of dreadful disease. This impression is not to get into the fear psychosis, rather to be cautiously aware of the risk involved.

Bio Clean Services maintains the experience and equipment necessary for the cleanup of scenes that contain blood spills and other bodily fluids. Every municipality has a standard protocol for the cleanup, handling and disposal of biohazard waste and materials. An untrained or inexperienced person should never attempt to clean up an accident or trauma scene using ordinary cleaning methods.  This type of cleanup may spread any harmful bacteria, pathogens or viruses and cause potential health risks to yourself or anyone around the site.

Cleaning up of Blood Spills – various scenarios 

There can be various situations during which blood spills occur, and subsequent cleaning up depends on the surroundings or the surfaces that need attention.

•    If it is a floor without carpets or maintains hard surfaces like tiles or concrete these areas may be easier to clean and there usually isn’t a need to remove these elements from homes. If carpet or other porous materials like wood are present, these elements almost always have to be removed to eliminate the risk of any transmission of biohazards to other area.

•    If the trauma area is free from fabrics and other materials that collect, soak or hold any blood or fluid spills, then special equipment and industrial chemicals are used by our trained technicians in order to remediate the site to a clean and safe environment.   

These are only a couple scenarios that show you why it’s never a good idea to attempt blood or biohazard cleanup yourself.  In most instances, there are many unknown facts about the victims of these traumas and the risk of compromising your health or those around you is simply too great.  If you need blood, accident or death cleanup, please contact our office immediately for assistance.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unattended deaths rise when there is a seasonal change

In various parts of our country season changes can be extreme. Changing from high temperatures in the summer months to much colder in the fall and winter causes many Americans, especially the elderly to remain indoors for longer periods of time.

Bio Clean Services provides cleanup for death and trauma scenes. Many of the calls we receive are during these colder months where it is not unusual for someone to not be found until weeks after they have died in their home. Many of the ill and aging do not have family, spouses or even housemates and many die alone at home without anyone knowing.  If you discover an unattended death please notify the proper authorities and call our office immediately for assistance.  You should never attempt to clean up this type of scene as there are high risks associated with blood and bodily fluids.

Discovering a death is usually very traumatic for the individual and Bio Clean Service technicians assist you with the cleanup and removal of all biohazard materials to return the site to a safe environment.  Without proper training, you place yourself and others at risk for potential transmission of viruses and disease. Even the smallest traces of blood and other matter can carry living virus and bacteria for weeks to even months after a person has died.

Our company maintains the necessary certifications and qualifications to ensure that the trauma scene will be completely restored to a safe, sanitary environment. We are experienced in dealing with State and Federal protocols to make certain you are safe and protected.

If you or someone you know discovers an unattended Bio Clean Services can help. We offer 24/7 technician dispatch and serve a large Northwestern region. Visit our website at for complete details about the services we offer.