Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Who we work for

Bio Clean Services provides Death, Crime, Trauma, and Blood cleanup services in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding cities.  Many people are aware of biohazard cleanup companies, but they usually don’t understand who we work for.

Our services are primarily provided to individuals or families of Crime, Trauma, Death and Suicide victims however we also provide services for industrial accident cleanup at companies, apartment biohazard cleaning and even police department blood and biohazard cleanup scenes.  So the complete answer is Bio Clean Services provides services for any individual, family or business that is faced with the responsibility of performing biohazard cleanup.

Because there are many forms of biohazards, in most cases our clients contact us because they have no idea how to properly remove these potentially harmful elements from the scene or they aren’t sure what liabilities they will be faced with if the remediation is not done correctly.  Our job is to assist these customers with proper cleanup, removal and disposal of any form of biohazard found at these scenes.

For over a decade we have been providing licensed, professional cleanup services for customers who have no idea the dangers that are associated.  Our trained professional staff helps customers identify the biohazards and we perform proper cleaning and removal techniques to ensure that a scene is completely free of any biohazards that may be potentially harmful to others.

If you, or someone you know becomes responsible for blood or biohazard cleanup in Detroit or a surrounding area, contact Bio Clean Services immediately for more information on how we can help.  Our staff is trained in assisting clients with insurance claims and other resources that may help pay for the cleanup costs.

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