Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dangerous prison and jail cell biohazards

Over the past decade illegal drug activity has reached an all time high. From sales on streets to manufacturing these drugs, the presence of biohazards is always consistently found.  Bio Clean Services specializes in the cleanup and remediation of biohazards associates with blood, death, crime, trauma, illegal drugs and other biohazard waste disposal needs.

When you hear about illegal drug activity you usually associate it with people who are selling, using and manufacturing in ordinary neighborhoods, however there is an increasing amount of illegal drug activity happening inside of prison facilities all across the United States.  Certain drugs are simple to manufacture with things that are accessible to inmates, many of whom are incarcerated because of illegal drug convictions.

Due to the types of biohazards created by these drugs and the potential risks for compromising the health and safety of staff and other inmates, prisons have began contracting professional licensed biohazard companies like Bio Clean Services to clean these scenes. We are called to clean and disinfect jails, police holding cells, transport units and other areas associates with police departments and prisons. Some incidents not relating to illegal drugs are blood from fights, vomit and other bodily fluids found in holding cells, police cruisers, transport vehicles and even emergency response units.  These areas must be properly cleaned and completely disinfected to ensure the safety of anyone coming in contact with the areas again.  All materials from the cleaning must be disposed of according to the guidelines of State and Federal regulations. Our company maintains the proper certifications and permits necessary to transport and dispose of these types of waste.

If police departments or prison personnel were given the task to cleanup and disinfect these areas it would require every member to be specifically trained to handle and dispose all forms of biohazards, and maintain licenses and permits. They must also house all of the industrial chemicals and equipment necessary to perform these tasks.  The cost for even one municipality to maintain these types of services is astronomical.  In addition to eliminating themselves from liability of the cleanup, the costs associated with these incidents are the main reasons police and prisons have began contracting professional companies to perform work.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Soldiers with PTSD and their traumatic incidents

As activity in the middle east winds down and more of our troops are returning home, our country is faced with a whole new realization that these soldiers suffer greatly from PTSD. Many soldiers come home and are faced with depression and other emotional disorders causing increased suicide rates, illegal drug usage and in some cases even involvement in violent crimes.

Bio Clean Services provides clean up services in the northeastern region of the United States and many calls we receive about these types of cleanup services involve veterans who have recently returned home from active war zones.  These incidents leave family and loved ones to pick up the pieces of yet another life shattering event, but in a different way.

Our team is experienced in the cleanup and remediation of crime, death, trauma and suicide scenes in addition to many other biohazard cleanup jobs that you may need.  We understand the emotional distress that these incidents cause family members and loved ones and we are accustomed to handling these types of cleanup jobs in a compassionate, discreet method and work to return the incident scenes to normal as quickly as possible.

As the increase of soldiers return home, our nation has to become more aware of incidents and traumatic events that could happen as a result of dealing with soldiers who have PTSD. One great resource to become familiar with is the PTSD Counseling Services website.  It provides great insight on how we can help these soldiers overcome PTSD and ways to help them cope. 

If you find that you are in need of biohazard cleanup services related to these incidents, Bio Clean Services offers 24 hour emergency dispatch to serve our clients needs. We currently provide these services in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. We maintain the proper certifications and equipment necessary to clean these types of biohazard scenes and are familiar with the filing and paperwork processes required for your insurance claims.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Who is responsible for cleaning up after a suicide or messy death?

Crime scene investigators and emergency personnel do not clean up after trauma, crime and suicides. In most cases there are always medical waste left behind in addition to blood, bodily fluids and other matter that must be cleaned up. The real questions is, “Who’s responsible for cleanup?”

Ordinarily the family members or other persons residing with the deceased would be responsible for the cleanup. If the person died alone or without family, the responsibility typically falls on whomever owns the property. If the incident occurs in a commercial setting such as an office building, the management of the building would most likely be responsible for ensuring proper cleanup to protect other tenants in the building.

Bio Clean Services is experienced in the cleanup of death, crime, trauma, suicide and many other biohazard scenes.  Each state has different requirements and protocols for the cleanup and removal of biohazard waste materials. With our coverage areas expanded to a four state northeastern region, we maintain all of the necessary permits and training to ensure that the biohazard scenes we clean are 100% safe and returned to their original, pre-incident condition.

Cleanup after any form of traumatic event is no easy task. There are hidden biohazards and microorganisms that cannot be seen with the human eye and even small trace amounts of these biohazards have the capability of causing infections disease spread, health hazards to those who come in contact and possibly even death.  It is imperative that these scenes be professionally cleaned and sanitized following strict guidelines for safety standards implements by agencies such as OSHA, EPA and the State Departments of Health.

If you are faced with a trauma, crime, death or biohazard situation please call our professional technicians at once.  We offer 24 / 7 emergency dispatch to help make certain that our clients are safe and protected.  Financial responsibility for our services usually falls on the family or property owner however several insurance carriers cover these types of services. There are also additional assistance options from other agencies nationwide. Bio Clean Services can help you in filing the necessary documents to obtain assistance in these cases.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

What happens if a crime or death scene is not properly cleaned?

Bio Clean Services performs certified, professional biohazard cleanup services in a four state region covering Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia.  Several calls we receive are from clients who, after a traumatic incident, death in their home or illegal drug activity, are experiencing horrific odors and other issues.

It’s imperative that anyone who is responsible for having to clean up after a crime, death, trauma or suicide scene contact a professional company like Bio Clean Services.  We maintain the proper certifications and are experienced in the proper remediation of all sorts of biohazards.  Every state is different however, each state requires certification for the proper disposal of biohazard waste and contaminated materials. We maintain those certifications and permits.

Almost every call we receive from clients who have attempted to clean an incident scene is because of odor or bugs. If these scenes (which almost all do) contain blood, bodily fluids and other pathogens that can’t always be seen with the human eye, then it’s nearly impossible for an untrained individual to clean using normal household chemicals. Bio Clean Services uses EPA approved industrial strength chemicals and equipment to ensure that all traced of biohazards have been removed from the scene.  If these elements are not properly cleaned and all biohazards removed, there will most definitely be horrific odors, bugs and a breeding ground for other infectious diseases to grow.

One example that we like to explain to our clients it a small 4 inch diameter blood stain on a floor when uncovered can expose blood biohazards in mass quantity underneath. This means carpet cleaning and other methods can not possibly extract all of the biohazards. The elements must be removed and disposed.  It is often necessary to remove all carpeting, subflooring and even portions of walls or furniture that are in contact with the biohazards. Removal is the only way to ensure that the areas are returned to a safe, sanitized environment.
If you are the person responsible for cleanup of these types of scenes, call us immediately to employ our services. Failure to properly clean a biohazard scene can have serious liability issues and may be dangerous to your health or possibly fatal.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

Bio Clean Services would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our clients and the industries that refer our company to them. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our 4 state region and offer assistance in a very traumatic or dangerous time in their lives.

We hope that everyone has a safe and fun filled Fourth of July weekend.  As certified cleanup technicians for Death, Trauma, Crime, Blood, Suicide and many other forms of biohazards our company sees increased service volumes during holidays like July 4th.  This is typically a time that families spend together, vacationing and travel increases. It also goes without saying that there is an increase in drug and alcohol consumption and other recreations that lead to death and injury scenes.

Many local towing and transport service providers offer discounted or free services during major holidays to help everyone arrive at their destination safely.  We are experienced in cleanup from traumatic auto and motorcycle accidents and we can’t stress enough the importance of utilizing these services.  We appreciate the business but would much rather our friends and neighbors not have to be faced with traumatic incidents that require our services.

If you need more information about the types of services that we provide or our qualifications and how we can assist you, please contact our office for complete details.  Again, we hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend and we look forward to offering continuing services in the years to come. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Industrial Accidents and What Employers and Owners Should Know

Many American businesses run smoothly each and every day but if you own an industrial business you can expect at some point to be faced with some sort of severe accident, trauma or death in the workplace. Bio Clean Services provides cleaning for these types of industrial incidents all through the northeastern US.

Due to the liability, rigid regulations and most of all the emotional trauma when these accidents happen, a professional cleanup company like Bio Clean Services should always be hired to clean the accident scene.  Most workplace or industrial accidents take place in areas that directly affect other employees or in some instances the general public.  If the accident scene is not professionally remediated by a certified biohazard cleaning company and someone’s health is compromised as a result of inadequate cleanup, the property owner or it’s tenant may be liable.

As with any incident that involves blood, tissue, bodily fluids and other biohazards, it is critical that the scene be cleaned following protocols set by State and local authorities for removal and disposal.  These types of pathogens may be disturbed if improperly cleaned causing them to become airborne where they may possibly be ingested by others in certain proximity to the incident scene.  Depending on the circumstances, these biohazard materials could carry infectious diseases that are life threatening or fatal to those who are exposed.

If you are the responsible party for the cleanup and it’s determined that you did not adequately remediate the incident scene, you can be liable for any person(s) who are affected.  Our staff of certified biohazard technicians are available 24 hours a day for immediate response dispatch. In the event that you experience any type of industrial or workplace accidents where other personnel are involved, call the appropriate emergency response personnel, evacuate the area of the incident and contact our office immediately to schedule cleanup.

After emergency personnel or authorities leave, there is most always waste, tissue, blood and other substances left behind.  Rarely do emergency personnel take the time to alert you of potential hazards or who to call to handle the cleanup.  We suggest that all business and industrial companies maintain an emergency checklist of who to contact as soon as an incident occurs.