Thursday, October 23, 2014

Red light camera accidents and the biohazards associated with them

In recent months the controversy has grown over whether or not red light cameras should be removed because of the amount of accidents and rear end collisions being caused by their presence. Bio Clean Services provides blood and biohazard cleanup associated with accident scenes, trauma scenes and sites that contain medical biohazards and waste from police or emergency personnel.

When traffic accidents occur, emergency responders act very quick to attend to injuries and remove victims from harm. After the scene is cleared if there is a presence of blood, bodily fluids or medical waste, these hazards must be remediated. We are often called to accident scenes to handle these types of cleanup because we maintain the certifications and permits necessary to ensure proper site cleanup and are experienced in practicing thorough cleaning that assures the health and safety of others in or around the accident scene.

Most people don’t realize that accident scenes that contain blood spills and biohazards on surfaces like roadways, auto exteriors, in broken glass and other elements can be spread and carried distances by other vehicles, can affect cleanup crews, tow truck drivers and even onlookers who may be near the scene.  Wet blood can be sprayed on people if cars drive through it, tow truck drivers have to enter the interior of vehicles that contain possible infectious diseases from blood and bodily fluids and so on.

Bio Clean Services technicians are experienced in many forms of blood and biohazard cleanup.  We provide services for Trauma, Death, Accident, Suicide, Crime and other potentially dangerous biohazard scenes. Serving Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia we are specialists in insurance claims and assistance programs that aide victims of crimes and tragedies.

If you or someone you know experiences any form of blood, trauma, crime or death scene that requires cleanup, contact our team of professionals immediately for assistance. We offer fast response times, are police recommended and work discreetly to assist our clients in restoring these scenes to a safe condition as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

When do you need biohazard cleaning

When someone hears the term biohazard the first thing that usually comes to mind is a disease or some form of chemical substance that is hazardous to humans. The fact is, biohazards come in many different forms. Bio Clean Services performs cleanup and disinfecting for death, crime, trauma, accident and many other scenes that contain biohazards.

In the event of a death or suicide where blood and bodily fluids are present, there is a huge potential for infectious diseases and other harmful pathogens. The same can also apply to a police cruiser that contains vomit, urine and other bodily fluids cause by transporting someone. In almost every form of accident scene there is a presence of some type of biohazard. All of the different types of scenes have the same common protocol for handling clean up.

If you are unfamiliar (untrained) to clean up biohazard materials, you need to hire a certified biohazard cleaning company like Bio Clean Services to assist you.  Blood, in wet or dried form, can carry harmful or even deadly viruses for hours to even days after being exposed to our external environment.  If these scenes are not properly remediated, the risk for potential infection can still be present.

We are specifically trained and certified in biohazard cleaning, handling and removal and retain all necessary permits and certifications. We currently service a four state region that includes Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. Offering 24/7 Emergency dispatch our team of trained, discreet professionals are available to assist with any biohazard cleaning needs that you have.

If you or someone you know experiences  trauma, death, accident or other biohazard related incident, contact us immediately for information on how we can assist you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5 important steps to take immediately after a biohazard incident

You never know when you will be the subject of an incident related to crime, trauma, death, blood or other biohazard endangerment. For most of us, we go about our everyday life not giving thought to the possibilities of the “What If’s” actually happening.

Bio Clean Services provides cleanup and decontamination of biohazard sites such as these every day. All across the country hundreds of people, many just like you, are faced with the responsibility of cleanup of biohazard sites. From auto accidents, to medical emergencies to deaths or suicides, our team of trained experts are here to assist you with the cleanup and remediation of biohazard scenes.  The following are 5 important steps that should be taken if you are faced with a biohazard situation:

1. Never attempt to clean the site on your own.  Biohazard scenes could contain potentially deadly microorganisms that could compromise your health. Seal off the immediate area as much as possible to avoid anyone having contact.

2. Call a certified biohazard cleanup company. If possible, always select a local company like Bio Clean Services.  Local companies are most likely independently owned and offer better services than a company located hours away.

3. Remove all persons from the affected area including pets. The less the affected area is disturbed, the easier cleanup can be and there is less chance of transmission of any diseases that may be present.

4. If you are not the property owner, contact the property owner immediately. Property owners may carry special insurances that will assist in the cost of biohazard cleanup.  If not, it may still be the residents responsibility for cleanup but the property owner must be notified as the biohazard cleanup company will have to have their authorization to enter the property and perform services.

5. Allow the cleanup company to do their job. In many cases, biohazard scenes involve some form of trauma. It is usually and extremely emotional time for the victims family members or friends. Keeping people away from the scene lessens the trauma of the situation and allows workers to perform their tasks safely and effectively.  There may be a need to remove personal items and effect from the scene. If you are the responsible party, you’ll have to realize that some items cannot be decontaminated and the only way to ensure a safe clean up is to remove the items from the scene. You cannot have any emotional attachment to items that must be removed. For your safety and preservation of your health, these items must be disposed of following strict biohazard disposal protocols. Again, if you restrict access to the scene, you are less likely to have emotional struggles over items that bust be disposed of.

Every biohazard scene requiring cleanup is different, some scene are more dangerous than others and the determination of types of cleanup needed should be left to trained professionals.  If you or someone you know experiences a biohazard situation, call our office immediately at 1-800-901-2988 for assistance.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The importance of having a biohazard cleanup plan for your business

If you own a business or manage a commercial building with tenants, chances are you’ve thought about what would happen if a biohazard incident occurred. But do you actually have a plan in place that protects the health of others and you from the liability?

Bio Clean Services offers industrial accident, blood, trauma, crime, death and other biohazard cleanup services.  Being faced with a biohazard site in a commercial setting can in most cases be far more dangerous than a confined site like someone’s home or auto. Public workplaces and buildings have more people in close proximity to an affected area and extreme caution should be used when handling the cleanup and removal from an accident or trauma site.

Property owners and commercial business management are responsible for the health and safety of occupants of spaces and when the presence of any biohazards such as blood, airborne pathogens and other dangerous microorganisms are present it is imperative that an experienced biohazard cleanup team like Bio Clean Services remediate and disinfect the site as quickly as possible to protect the health of anyone in immediate contact with the site. There are strict requirements for handling and disposal of biohazard materials and if these protocols are not properly followed, property owners can be liable is there is a compromise in someone’s health.

Bio Clean Services maintains the proper certifications and experience necessary to deal with industrial accident and trauma clean up.  These types of accidents are not frequently thought about so it’s important that business and commercial property owners have a remediation plan in effect in the event of an accident.

If you own, manage or lease a commercial business or space, please contact Bio Clean Services for more information about the types of services that we offer and our coverage areas. Our technicians are professional, discreet and experienced in working with traumatic crime and accident sites where others are present. We can assist you with a plan of action to ensure safety and provide resources that offer assistance with the financial costs in certain circumstances.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Who do you call when death cleanup is necessary?

There are many different causes of death with natural death, of course, being the most desirable form. Bio Clean Services provides death cleanup services for Natural and Unattended Death, Violent deaths related to crimes and trauma and even vehicle accident deaths.

In every death scene we clean there is always a presence of blood. Blood is a complex fluid of the human body which can turn bio-hazardous the moment it is exposed to the external environment. In natural circumstances of death due to sickness under medical supervision, it is not a tough situation to handle. Other deaths from violent crime or trauma scenes can contain widespread blood spills making the biohazard scene more difficult to clean.

Bio Clean Service technicians maintain the proper experience and certifications necessary to clean and remediate death, crime, trauma and many other biohazard scenes.  It is never suggested that untrained individuals attempt to clean up death and decomposing death scenes as the risks for health compromises are too great. Property owners may also be liable for any health issues that could arise from improper cleanup of a biohazard scene.

When a person dies the body immediately begins the decomposition process. When the human body begins decomposition it releases dangerous biohazards, gasses and other airborne pathogens that are extremely dangerous if proper protocol for cleanup is not followed.  It a death scene has been unattended for a period of time the presence of bugs and organisms will be found which can also carry the biohazards to other areas of the death site. Our technicians use special equipment and industrial chemicals only available to biohazard cleanup companies to help remediate and disinfect the site. This helps ensure the odors are completely gone and do not return and the site is 100% sanitary and free from any biohazards.

Death is something that we are all aware of, but we usually don’t think about the aftermath when someone dies. Who is responsible for clean up? Who do you call to help? Bio Clean Services offers quick response times and is locally owned and operated servicing the northeastern United States. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Why Police Departments Use Crime Scene Clean Up Companies

A crime scene is an integral part of a police investigation, but what happens once the investigation is complete? Who’s responsible for the cleanup of potential biohazard dangers that are a part of any crime scene?  In most cases, the property owner or a relative.  Bio Clean Services provides biohazard cleanup services for crimes, trauma, death and other contaminated sites.

Crime Scenes can range from breaking and entering to cases as severe as sexual assault of murder.  In any ordinary crime scene biohazards that can potentially compromise the health and safety of others is usually found. Most people don’t realize that the presence of one drop of blood, when exposed to outside elements, can contain pathogens that can make you sick. If fingerprint dust is used at a crime scene, microscopic organisms can be transferred in the dust to various places throughout a scene. The dust can also carry airborne pathogens that could potentially be ingested by others who come in contact with a crime scene.

Bio Clean Services maintains the necessary equipment to remediate and removal all biohazards from a crime scene. Our technicians are experienced in the cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, tissue matter and other materials found at crime scenes. We are a certified biohazard cleaning company and are familiar with both State and Federal protocols for handling biohazards.

Police departments do not clean crime scenes. Once the investigation is over, they leave the cleanup to the property owner or responsible party.  We often receive referrals from police departments clean and disinfect police cruisers, emergency transport vehicles and even jail / prison cells that may contain biohazards from inmates.

If you or someone you know has experienced a crime or trauma scene, please do not attempt to clean the scene yourself. Contact our office for assistance with your biohazard cleanup. We’ll ensure that the site is properly cleaned and returned to a safe, sanitized state expediently.