Friday, February 28, 2014

Methamphetamine Labs – The True Hazards

Methamphetamine labs are more than just dangerous and illegal biohazard scenes. They always leave a dangerous mess and huge environmental hazards that must be cleaned up. Bio Clean Services offers meth lab clean up in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  This growing epidemic is huge and can be found anywhere from multi-million dollar homes in metropolitan areas to the most remote rural areas you can get to.

Many of the areas we service are ranked among the highest meth lab production states in the nation. The rate of seizures in meth labs has grown tremendously over the past 3 years and is continuing to steadily rise.

The growth of meth lab popularity may be attributed to the ease of “cooking” the dangerous and highly addictive drugs. Anyone can use pseudoephedrine, household chemicals and a plastic soda bottle to produce the drug. The problems lie in the hazards associated with the drug cooking. These methods can cause explosions that can blow holes through walls, start fires and contaminate large areas.

Bio Clean Services is professionally trained in the clean up and removal of these bio hazards. Our services, when performed, remediate an area to a safe, disinfected state with any trace of the drugs existence eliminated. Some meth houses may not need the entire residence decontaminated, just certain rooms or areas where levels of certain toxins exceed state law. We assess the areas and a cleanup plan is crafted. Any porous materials, such as carpet, must be removed. Decontaminant is applied. When the cleanup is completed, another test is conducted to make sure the levels are acceptable to what regulations consider safe.

Certain states have funds set aside for the cleanup of these scenes however, depending on the state, the cleanup cost may be the responsibility of the property owner. Contact us today for more information about these and other services we provide.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A look into Biohazard Clean Up in Northeastern US

We never like to think about the possibility of being faced with a crime or trauma that requires biohazard clean up. Sadly, the number of northeastern Americans being faced with this is rising daily.  Bio Clean Services provides Crime, Trauma, Death and Suicide clean up in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  We offer fill service Biohazard Management in these areas.

This week, we'll give you an inside look at the dangers and risks we face daily while performing these jobs. We're providing this courtesy video in effort to make people realize that these tasks should never be attempted as a DIY project.  We are certified and professionally trained to remediate biohazard scenes.

If you are ever faced with this type of cleanup please Contact Us immediately to ensure your health and safety.  See a list of our complete services HERE to learn more about what we do.

Video Courtesy of CBS News

Friday, February 21, 2014

Why we provide Police Department & Emergency Vehicle Services

In today’s society, you can’t be too cautions in the safety and health of everyone.  Bio Clean Services offers Patrol Car and Jail / Holding Cell Cleaning and Decontamination.  National statistics indicate that 1-in-300 people have HIV, 1-in20 people have Hepatitis and 1-in-5 people have Herpes. During the course of the transport or arrest process it’s highly possible that a contamination could occur from blood, vomit, urine and other bodily fluids.

Police officers and individuals who protect and serve should not put themselves in harms way attempting to clean and decontaminate these areas and vehicles.  Because of the extreme hazards and risks for infection associated with clean up, police departments commonly hire a company like ours to perform these services.  In the past, inmates were used to clean and decontaminate these areas but because of the health risks and legal ramifications, most departments no longer follow this protocol. Contaminants, when improperly cleaned can pose serious if not fatal health threats to anyone coming in contact for days, week or even months after an incident occurs.

In addition to police cars and jail areas, Bio Clean Services also cleans and decontaminates other emergency transport vehicles and offers trauma and crime scene clean up services. Any time there is a presence of these bodily fluids, blood, remains or medical waste these vehicles or areas much be completely cleaned and decontaminated before they can be put back into service.  Some biohazard cleaning companies simply wipe the surfaces down with chemicals and other agents to “disinfect” these areas. Proper protocol must be followed for the cleanup and waste disposal tasks. Our company is certified and we possess the proper equipment and cleaning agents to return these areas to safe and totally contaminant free state.

Contact our offices today to learn more about the services we provide for police and emergency personnel.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bio Clean Services helps during a very sad side of Valentine’s Day

A day celebrated for love and togetherness also has a much darker side that is often overlooked. Suicide rates increase drastically around Valentine’s Day. Some challenge that Christmas is the most high risk time for suicide but statistics from the Suicide Prevention Service of the Central Coast (SPSCC) indicate that springtime is nationally the highest rate for suicides.

Bio Clean Services offers professional, compassionate suicide clean up services and many other biohazard remediation services.  We recognize the trauma and emotions associated with family and friends during this time and work discreetly and professionally to restore the accident scene to a safe, pre-accident condition.

It is always suggested that you hire a certified clean up company to perform the cleanup of a suicide. Not only is it emotionally overwhelming for friends and family, but there are major health risks cleanup of a death scene. Whenever you have the presence of blood, urine, feces and other body fluids, there is a risk for contamination of diseases, infections and depending on the amount of time the scene was unattended there are also airborne pathogens that, if ingested, can cause serious health complications.
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Bio Clean Services maintains the proper certifications and equipment necessary to completely restore the death scene. Following strict protocol and guidelines of local and federal agencies, we have the ability to obtain the proper permits, dispose of any waste and biohazard materials and can assist you in providing the insurance company with the proper information during the claim filing process.
We have 24 hour per day dispatch and serve a large portion of the Northeastern United States.

If you, or someone you know needs our assistance with clean up and remediation of a suicide, death, trauma or crime scene, please contact our office immediately.  We have technicians available in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to serve you. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Choosing the RIGHT biohazard clean up company

Having been in the Crime Scene and biohazard clean up industry for over a decade, I’ve personally worked hundreds of clean up scenes. Surprisingly, several of the jobs I’ve performed were as a result of non-reputable cleaning companies who did not follow proper protocols and techniques when cleaning these scenes.

 If crime, trauma, suicide and other biohazard scenes are not properly cleaned, weeks, months, and even a year later clients have reported horrible odors, infestations of bugs, stains and other problems that all stem from the fact that the original cleaning company did not properly remediate.

 How do you know if you are hiring a legitimate clean up company? Here are a few tips:

1. Work with a reputable provider – Usually law enforcement officials have a point of contact for a local company that can provide quality services.
2. Research multiple companies – There are tons of cleaning companies out there, but you need to make sure the company you choose is certified in biohazard clean up and disposal. In most cases local companies offer better rates and do a better job.
3. Discuss with your insurance company –Call your insurance company immediately to inquire about coverage. Your homeowners insurance may cover all or part of your cleaning service, while you may not be able to immediately find out exactly what the coverage is, you can ask if this is a covered loss. You have the right to choose any company you prefer if this is a covered loss.
4. If your loss is not covered by insurance, speak directly with your clean up company to learn costs, procedures and payment arrangements.

Not all companies are the same. Building a reputation in the biohazard clean up industry takes hard work, dedication and it’s not something that just anyone can do. Bio Clean Services has provided these professional, compassionate services for over a decade throughout the northeastern United States. We’ve worked on hundreds of jobs relating to crime, trauma, suicide, meth labs, hoarding, animals and more. Contact our office immediately if you have a situation that requires this type of cleaning. Never attempt to clean these scenes on your own. It will put your health and the health of others at a much greater risk.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Steps to follow if you discover an unattended death scene

An unattended death can create a very problematic scene for medical professionals, police and even death clean up services like Bio Clean Services. It’s important to know that there is so much more to this type of scene than just removal of the body.

 An unattended and / or decomposing body leaves not only visual, but microscopic trace elements of dangerous contaminants that can potentially be harmful, if not fatal to someone who comes in contact with them. They can also create a very problematic scene for medical professionals, police and even death clean up services like Bio Clean Services. Handling this type of death scene requires a company that has extensive training in the proper procedures for death clean up, the use of OSHA approved chemicals and proper removal protocols of the scene’s debris. To ensure your safety and that proper protocol is followed we never suggest attempting to clean a death scene yourself. Bio Clean Services is familiar with insurances processes and in most cases, insurance policies cover the costs of our services.

 Here’s a simple list to follow if you discover an unattended death:

1. Call the police to report what you found and wait for their arrival. Make certain that you obtain a business card from the investigating officer, you’ll need this information in the future.

2. When the coroner is contacted also make certain that you obtain a business card from this individual as well.

3. Call Bio Clean Services immediately so we can schedule and dispatch a technician. The longer you delay in clean up. Depending on the length of time of death or state of decomposition, will determine the amount of time needed to restore the scene to a safe condition for you.

 4. Please do not enter the scene and attempt to collect items. This will most likely lead to your becoming more traumatized than you may already be. A professional can retrieve items for you.

5. If you know the name of the insurance company and/or policy number, please have this information available if it is readily accessible. This will enable our technicians to reach out to you’re the insurance company and provide any information needed.

6. If you are not the property owner, business you’ll be asked to provide that information. In most cases a "Permission to Enter" form must be executed prior to the clean up process beginning.

 7. DO NOT attempt to clean any areas of the scene. Contact with biohazards, such as blood and fluids, may expose you to risks that could result in death or serious illnesses. We are trained professionals skilled in restoring the environment to safe conditions for you.

Our primary concern is the safety and well being of our clients. Don’t let your emotional state cause you to misjudge the dangers from an unattended death scene. Contact us now for more details.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bio Clean Up - Blood and Body Fluids

Bio Clean Services is dedicated to the safety and well being of the clients that we serve. We maintain the necessary certifications and qualifications to perform these tasks and hope these articles will continue to provide a means of educating people about the significance of proper clean up and handling of blood, body fluids and other biohazard waste.

We are promoting a more common awareness that crime, trauma and death scenes contain the potential for diseases and infections that can have life threatening consequences to home or property owners as well as any individuals who may come in contact with improper disposal of these types of materials and infected blood. Because of the grief stricken state of family members and friends during tragic loses or property owners who may not be aware of health risks and legal repercussions of their employees, it’s imperative that you become educated on the consequences of not hiring a professional company like Bio Clean Services to manage clean up and removal of biohazards.  Hepatitis C (HVC), a virus that has no treatment, can be very common in the presence of blood. Other diseases such as Hepatitis A and B, and HIV are also health concerns that need to be considered if an untrained person attempts to clean a bio scene. Proper disinfecting methods are crucial in theses types of scenes.

There are laws that help that will help safeguard you in the event you are faced with they type of scene. Individuals that disregard proper practices are putting the safety of themselves and others at risk. Unsanitary blood and body fluids pose a tremendous health threat to anyone that comes in contact.  Dried blood and body fluids have very small particles that can become airborne and if you come in contact, can make way into your body causing infections.  Most individuals or companies do not have the proper means to dispose of this waste and are no familiar with the regulations that govern its proper disposal.  Individuals not adhering to these regulations are like to incur heavy fines and have a major legal liability to anyone who is affected by their improper practices
Bio Clean Services is available 24 hours a day to service your biohazard clean up needs. We maintain the proper certifications and equipment to ensure your property will be returned to a safe and healthy environment.  Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide and how we can assist you.