Monday, February 17, 2014

Bio Clean Services helps during a very sad side of Valentine’s Day

A day celebrated for love and togetherness also has a much darker side that is often overlooked. Suicide rates increase drastically around Valentine’s Day. Some challenge that Christmas is the most high risk time for suicide but statistics from the Suicide Prevention Service of the Central Coast (SPSCC) indicate that springtime is nationally the highest rate for suicides.

Bio Clean Services offers professional, compassionate suicide clean up services and many other biohazard remediation services.  We recognize the trauma and emotions associated with family and friends during this time and work discreetly and professionally to restore the accident scene to a safe, pre-accident condition.

It is always suggested that you hire a certified clean up company to perform the cleanup of a suicide. Not only is it emotionally overwhelming for friends and family, but there are major health risks cleanup of a death scene. Whenever you have the presence of blood, urine, feces and other body fluids, there is a risk for contamination of diseases, infections and depending on the amount of time the scene was unattended there are also airborne pathogens that, if ingested, can cause serious health complications.
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Bio Clean Services maintains the proper certifications and equipment necessary to completely restore the death scene. Following strict protocol and guidelines of local and federal agencies, we have the ability to obtain the proper permits, dispose of any waste and biohazard materials and can assist you in providing the insurance company with the proper information during the claim filing process.
We have 24 hour per day dispatch and serve a large portion of the Northeastern United States.

If you, or someone you know needs our assistance with clean up and remediation of a suicide, death, trauma or crime scene, please contact our office immediately.  We have technicians available in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to serve you. 

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