Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unattended deaths rise when there is a seasonal change

In various parts of our country season changes can be extreme. Changing from high temperatures in the summer months to much colder in the fall and winter causes many Americans, especially the elderly to remain indoors for longer periods of time.

Bio Clean Services provides cleanup for death and trauma scenes. Many of the calls we receive are during these colder months where it is not unusual for someone to not be found until weeks after they have died in their home. Many of the ill and aging do not have family, spouses or even housemates and many die alone at home without anyone knowing.  If you discover an unattended death please notify the proper authorities and call our office immediately for assistance.  You should never attempt to clean up this type of scene as there are high risks associated with blood and bodily fluids.

Discovering a death is usually very traumatic for the individual and Bio Clean Service technicians assist you with the cleanup and removal of all biohazard materials to return the site to a safe environment.  Without proper training, you place yourself and others at risk for potential transmission of viruses and disease. Even the smallest traces of blood and other matter can carry living virus and bacteria for weeks to even months after a person has died.

Our company maintains the necessary certifications and qualifications to ensure that the trauma scene will be completely restored to a safe, sanitary environment. We are experienced in dealing with State and Federal protocols to make certain you are safe and protected.

If you or someone you know discovers an unattended Bio Clean Services can help. We offer 24/7 technician dispatch and serve a large Northwestern region. Visit our website at for complete details about the services we offer.

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