Friday, August 29, 2014

Blood Cleanup Procedures

Blood and other bodily fluid spills that occur inside or in an outside environment need to be decontaminated to prevent the possible transmission of communicable disease and other health risks. Bio Clean Services provides blood cleanup and other biohazard decontamination services in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Even a tiny drop of blood, if splashed, can cover a large surface area so it’s important that you hire a professional biohazard cleanup company to assist you in restoring the site to completely safe condition quickly. Our technicians maintain specific bloodborne pathogen training and are familiar with the practices of safe biohazard handling and removal.

We frequently receive calls related to death, trauma, suicide and even violent crime scenes that contain the presence of blood and other biohazards. Once investigators or emergency personnel leave the site, it then becomes the property owners responsibility to have the aftermath cleaned up. Police and emergency personnel do not clean these area. They often times leave behind medical waste, blood soaked materials, fingerprint dust, luminal and other materials used in their investigation or on site treatment. Bio Clean Services offers 24 hour emergency dispatch to help clients who are in need of biohazard decontamination.

These sites should not be cleaned using normal household chemicals. Chemicals not designed for biohazard cleanup can actually make the site much harder for professionals to re-clean. Our technicians work with specific equipment that will detect even the smallest traces of blood and we make certain that the scenes are completely free from any biohazard materials that could potentially affect the health of others.  This diminishes the risk of potential transmission of diseases and the liability of the property owner for not having it properly cleaned.

If you or someone you know has experienced an accident or traumatic event that requires biohazard cleanup, contact our office immediately for assistance.  We are familiar with all Federal and State biohazard cleanup regulations and can offer our assistance in helping file insurance and other financial assistance claims.

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