Monday, August 4, 2014

Violent Crimes and Carjacking Biohazards

Courtesy of Chicago News Report
Over the past decade violent carjacking crimes have steadily been on the rise. Bio Clean Services provides cleanup services for death, trauma, crime, suicide and many other biohazard incidents.  These violent carjacking crimes frequently require cleanup from gunshots and other bodily injuries where there is a presence of blood and bodily fluids.  Our technicians are experienced in the cleanup and decontamination of blood from these vehicles, returning them to a pre-incident state. We are certified and trained in the removal and disposal of most biohazards and follow strict Federal and State regulations associated with biohazard handling.

Often times with automobile crimes we find that we have to remove and replace parts of the automobile to ensure that the vehicle is completely free of all biohazard materials. This may include removal and replacement of seats, carpeting, dashes, consoles and other pieces. If as little as one or two tiny blood drops are missed during the cleanup may cause infectious pathogens that can affect the health of anyone that may come in contact with it. There is also the possibility of bad odors and the attraction of bugs and insects that are extremely difficult to remove.

Bio Clean Services also receives frequent calls to provide the same cleaning and sanitation services on police transport and other emergency vehicles. Any time these transport vehicles contain biohazards such as blood, vomit, feces, urine or other biohazards, they must be removed from service and properly cleaned and sanitized before they can be used again.  Police and other emergency departments are now employing professional companies like ours to perform these cleanup services as it is too costly to maintain personnel and certifications for staff members to perform the cleanup.  They have also found that there is less liability in hiring a professional cleanup company like Bio Clean Services because we are specifically trained for what we do, maintain all necessary permits and certifications and can offer the assurance that these vehicles are safe and returned to service as quick as possible.

If you or someone you know is the victim of a violent carjacking crime or you need professional biohazard cleanup services, contact our office immediately. We offer 24 hour emergency dispatch to serve our clients.

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