Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Luminol cleaning in automobiles

Every year thousands of crimes are committed that involve vehicles. CSI personnel commonly use a chemical know as “Luminol” in the process of discovering blood in vehicles. Other substances such as fingerprint dust are also used and are extremely difficult to remove.  Bio Clean Services provides cleanup and restoration of vehicles that contain luminol, fingerprint dust, blood and other biohazard pathogens that may be associated with crimes and trauma.

If you are responsible for cleaning or restoration of a vehicle containing these chemicals, it’s important that you hire a professional company like Bio Clean Services to perform the restoration.  Any biohazards that may be found in the car can be spread through the use of these chemicals. Even trace elements of blood, if not properly removed and sanitized can cause potential dangers to your health for weeks after the cleanup is performed.

In addition to health risks associated with blood and other biohazards in vehicles, if they are not properly removed, you can have problems with horrific odors, bugs and other harmful bacteria that can be extremely difficult to completely remove if the initial cleaning was done improperly.

Bio Clean Services maintains all necessary equipment to completely clean, sanitize and remove all odors from vehicles.  Whether the vehicle was subject to a crime, death, suicide or other traumatic incident, it’s important that you know the health risks associated with these scenes and leave the cleanup to trained professionals.

Many times after CSI or emergency personnel have completed their duties, the vehicle is released to whomever is responsible. At the time the vehicle is released instructions or warnings are most likely not given on the proper handling of cleanup or transporting the vehicle. Because of this, not only is there a potential for health risks with the personal responsible, but may cause liabilities to them if the health of others is affected due further contamination because of improper handling.

If you are responsible for a vehicles that has been involved in an accident, trauma, crime or death call us immediately for professional, licensed cleanup.


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