Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crime rates down from previous years

Crime in our country is the lowest it’s been in the past 42 years according to news reports. This also seems to be the case on a national average.  According to news reports, the largest drops occurred in motor vehicle thefts, aggravated assaults, larcenies, burglaries and robberies.

Bio Clean Services  provides Crime Scene Cleanup Services in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. We have also noticed a difference in the amount of calls we receive for Crime Scene Cleanup versus other biohazard and blood cleanup services that we perform. Because Imprisonment is at an all time high in the nation, we have to wonder if there is a direct relation to the decrease in Crime related incidents?

Government officials seem to think that the decrease is partially attributed by the onset of several anti crime initiatives  such as banning panhandlers, installation of city wide security cameras, programs targeting illegal weapons and even increasing late night police patrol units to accommodate late night bar hours.

The professional technicians of Bio Clean Services are experienced in Crime, Death, Trauma and other biohazard incidents that involve blood cleanup. We offer services to individual victims of crime and tragedy and also professional services for police and emergency vehicle cleanup. While crime seems to be less, the amount of non-crime related incidents involving the need for biohazard cleanup services remains steady.

We recently talked about the dangers associated with untrained individuals who attempt biohazard cleanup, especially from Crimes. When there is a presence of luminol or fingerprint dust, the potential for biohazard contamination spread is much greater. What appears to be a simple cleanup task can turn out to be a huge risk for spreading infectious diseases and contaminating other areas of an incident scene.

If you have experienced a crime or traumatic incident, contact our certified biohazard cleaning team today for assistance. We’re insurance claim experts and offer 24 hour emergency service in northeastern United States to help protect you.

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