Friday, December 12, 2014

Suicide Cleanup Columbus, OH

Second to homicides and murder scenes, suicide is one of the most emotionally devastating situations a family or friends can face. After police or investigators and coroners leave a suicide scene it is usually left up to family and friends to personally handle the aftermath cleanup. Bio Clean Services provides Columbus Suicide Cleanup services. Our experience and expertise enable our teams to help with the emotional traumas experienced in these types of devastation.

Families and friends of suicide victims are often confronted with many questions and are overloaded with decisions that must be made regarding the cleanup and remediation of the suicide scene.  During this time, it is crucial that families and friends work with a professional suicide cleanup company like Bio Clean Services.  We are compassionate and provide our clients with guidance and support that help the decision making process easier enabling them to move forward.

Many Columbus  Suicide Cleanup scenes involve firearms which make the scenes even more difficult for families to endure mentally. Firearm associated suicides cause greater amounts of blood and bodily fluids that must be properly cleaned and removed from the site. There are strict State and Federal guidelines that must be followed in Columbus Suicide Cleanup jobs including the proper removal and disposal of biohazard waste and materials.

Due to an increased amount of biohazard materials found in Suicide Scene Cleanup jobs, it is sometimes necessary to remove walls, carpeting, flooring, furniture and other household items. These items must be properly removed and disposed in order to alleviate any possibility of further contamination at the scene.  Bio Clean Services technicians are certified in biohazard cleaning and waste removal. We assist the family members and friends of suicide victims with these professional cleanup services in effort to help return the site to a safe, habitable condition that is 100% free from any biohazard.

If you or a member of your family or friends is faced with the task of having to handle suicide aftermath cleanup in Columbus, please contact us immediately for a consultation and information on how our suicide cleanup services can help keep you safe.

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