Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Trauma Scene Cleanup Akron, OH

Bio Clean Services provides biohazard and other related cleanup services from crimes, death and trauma in Akron, OH. With over a decade serving the needs of our Ohio residents, our technicians are experienced and certified in professional cleanup practices for these types of scenes.

In the past several years, the about of traumatic incidents has continued to rise. From motorcycle accidents, to crimes involving violent acts and even homicides and deaths at home Bio Clean Services can perform services in your home or at any location. We work diligently with you to ensure your trauma scene is restored to a safe state free from biohazards and other potentially harmful pathogens.

Ohio State and local governments have strict biohazard cleaning protocols that must be followed when cleaning, handling and disposing of biohazard materials from trauma cleanup. Because of these protocols, it is always suggested that you hire a certified biohazard cleanup specialist to assist you in the task of cleaning a trauma scene. We have the expertise to help keep you and others associated with trauma scenes safe from dangerous biohazards.

If you have experienced a trauma or crime in Akron, OH or surrounding areas, contact Bio Clean Services for immediate response. We maintain all of the necessary equipment and certifications to properly clean trauma scenes and dispose of the associated biohazards.  Don’t put yourself and others at risk, let our trained technicians work with you and your insurance company to properly remediate the scene the first time.


  1. Great information. Who regulates bio clean up in your state?


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