Friday, May 6, 2016

Are landlords responsible to hire a certified biohazard company after crime?

We receive numerous calls from landlords and rental property owners who are faced with the dilemma of dealing with Crime, Death, Suicide and Blood scenes at their properties.  Almost always, we are asked “Are we responsible for the cleanup of these scenes?”  Bio Clean Services provides cleanup of Blood, Death, Trauma, Crime and other biohazard related scenes throughout Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding cities.

To answer in short, the owner of a property, or its authorized managing agent is responsible for the cleanup, removal and disposal of any biohazard materials found on their property.  If these biohazards are directly related to an incident involving a tenant, it is still the property owner or managers responsibility. Ordinarily, there are multiple tenants in or around rental properties and it is up to the owner or management of the property to protect the health and well being of the other residents or people who may come in contact with an affected area.

Our service technicians are licensed and specifically trained to clean, remove and dispose of any forms of biohazard found at a property. The typical forms are form Crime, Death, Suicide or violent trauma but can also include illegal drug manufacturing, hoarding and other forms of gross filth and negligence from tenants.  Because biohazards take on many forms, landlords or property owners should never attempt to clean these scenes on their own or have an employee perform the cleanup.  Let’s face it, how many landlords or property owners actually know the health status of their tenants.

If a biohazard situation is discovered, the scene must be treated as though it is extremely dangerous and every precaution taken to protect anyone who may be in contact with the property.  Bio Clean Service technicians are experienced in dealing with property owners and managers to discreetly remediate the property and work hard to eliminate all traces of biohazards quickly and safely.

If you are a landlord or property owner and experience a biohazard situation that requires cleanup, contact us immediately for service. We realize that these types of cleanup require an immediate response and offer emergency dispatch to help you contain the area and protect your staff and your tenants and their families.

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