Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Crime Scene Cleanup Detroit, MI

Bio Clean Services has been providing Crime Scene Cleanup in Detroit, MI and surrounding cities for decades.  Crime Scene Investigations are much more complex than what most of us see on popular television shows like “CSI”.

When a crime occurs, responders who perform the investigation appear and isolate the crime scene to look for evidence.  This process can take hours, days or even weeks depending on the nature of the crime. Investigators sometimes comb every inch of a scene looking for evidence that will help prove what actually happened, especially if there are no witnesses to the crime. In searching for these clues the potential for scattering dangerous biohazards occurs. In some instances, what starts off being a small area can become an expanded scene with many different types of biohazards.

If blood or other bodily fluids are present as a result of a crime, the chances of spreading biohazards to other parts of the scene are likely.  Pathogens from a crime scene can be redistributed by footsteps, medical waste being moved, dried blood becoming airborne particles and more.  These types of scenes need professional crime scene cleanup services provided by Bio Clean Services.  Once investigators and emergency personnel have completed their investigation, the scenes are usually then turned over to the person who owns the scene or a friend or family member.

Investigators and emergency responders do not clean up these crime scenes. If you are not experienced in crime scene biohazard cleanup, call the professionals at Bio Clean Services. We maintain all of the necessary equipment and certifications to perform safe, thorough crime scene cleanup in Detroit or surrounding areas.  Even if the crime scene doesn’t appear to have biohazards, fingerprint dust and other methods used for the purpose of investigating a crime scene may be potentially harmful. Bio Clean Service technicians are experienced in the safe cleanup and remediation of crime scenes and through the use of specialized equipment and cleaning process are able to discover even trace elements of biohazards that may not be visible to the human eye.

It is not possible for untrained individuals to know about all of the possibilities of biohazards associated with crime scene cleanup. The services we provide are meant to help protect you and others who may be involved with these types of scenes.


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