Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is your home filthy from hoarding, meth-labs or other biohazards?

As spring approaches and weather becomes warmer if your home is full trash, debris and generally unsanitary for living conditions, you are putting your health at an even greater risk for infections and other medical complications. Bio Clean Services frequently gets calls from property owners and health officials to assist in the cleanup of gross and filthy living conditions. These conditions contain contamination, bacteria, rodents and other debris that can be harmful or deadly to an occupants health.

We are specifically trained in the removal, disposal and cleanup/disinfecting of these types of scenes.  When evidence of these harmful biohazards are present, ordinary household chemicals are not sufficient to decontaminate the property. It requires trained professionals, industrial chemicals and equipment to return these properties to a safe and healthy living environment.

Our company is experienced in working with professional agencies and other officials to ensure that we recover any scene to a safe condition that adheres to health standards and guidelines.  Clients we work with are often elderly shut in residents, or property owners who property has been subject to homeless living, squatters and even illegal meth labs. Each of these circumstances contains different hazards and can affect the health of anyone that may come into contact with the scene.  Our decontamination technicians are certified and possess many years of cleaning, restoration and construction experience to get the job done.

If you own or know of a property that is currently in one of these conditions, please contact us immediately so we can help you access your situation and determine a proper plan of action for decontamination.  If these situations go unattended you are not only putting your health at risk but may potentially be liable for any health related issues that happen to others who come in contact with your property.

For more information on our coverage areas and the services we provide please visit our full website or call our office at 1-800-901-2988.

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