Monday, April 7, 2014

When a murder scene is clear of authorities, what’s left behind?

Unfortunately in America, every city has experienced a rise in murders and violent crimes. You often hear reports of these tragic situations on local and national news, but you never hear about what’s left remaining after the deceased has been removed from the scene and the medical professionals and authorities are gone.

Who’s responsible for cleaning the scene, what dangers are there in these scenes and who would someone call to handle these situations? If you are faced with a situation like this, here’s what you need to know.  Bio Clean Services specializes in the clean up and biohazard removal of murder, suicide, and other trauma scenes. We are a professional company who provides these services to victims and their families, property owners and business owners who are faced with the reality of having to clean up and remediate the messes that can be left behind.  Are there hazards associate with these scenes that you should be aware of? You bet! Our technicians are specifically trained in the clean up and removal of these biohazards. Anytime you have the presence of blood, fluids, tissue matter and other elements, there is a huge potential for transmission of infectious diseases that could compromise your health and could cause death.

Frequently these types of scenes require the removal and disposal of structure elements like carpeting, flooring, drywall and insulation or more.  Our team of experts follow the proper protocol in the remediation and removal of these items. Some biohazard removals require disposal permits be obtained and have specific federal and local guidelines that must be followed in doing so.  If an untrained person attempts the clean up and removal without following these protocols they not only put the health of themselves and others at risk, but may be faced with heavy fines and still be required to contract a professional company like Bio Clean Services to re-clean the scene. If our technicians have to come in to re-clean an area correctly, it becomes far more difficult and a longer process because the original agents used to improperly clean can mask certain items that can later reappear.

If you are faced with the responsibility of cleaning this type of scene, contact our office for immediate dispatch of our professionals to assist you. Calling a professional company in the beginning can save you thousands in the end.

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