Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pennsylvania high school resumes classes after stabbing

Photo Courtesy of AP
Bio Clean Services, a biohazard clean up company servicing Pennsylvania, extends thanks to all of the law enforcement and medical personnel who assisted victims of the stabbing incident at Franklin Regional High School in Murraysville, PA.  These types of crimes are at an all time high across the country and it’s imperative that victims and officials know the dangers and hazards associated with crime scenes like this.

Our technicians provide biohazard, crime, trauma and blood clean up services in OH, PA, MI & WV and in incidents like this recent stabbing, a professional company that is certified in decontamination of crime scenes and blood clean up is necessary to ensure the safety of the faculty, students and others who are in contact with the scene.

Because we have such a diverse group of individuals in a concentrated area like the high school, the presence of blood and bodily fluids are potentially pathogenic and considered a biohazard that could possibly transmit disease.  Any areas or surfaces that are in contact with blood must be properly  cleaned and disinfected. Protective wear and industrial chemicals need to be used and special equipment is necessary to see trace elements of biohazards that cannot visibly seen with the eye.

In circumstances such as this high school stabbing, where large areas are covered with blood, it’s important to take additional time to ensure that all areas are free from these biohazards.  The presence of dried blood can contain airborne pathogens that, if ingested, can cause disease and other health issues for anyone who comes in contact.  These pathogens are be present for weeks and even months after an incident occurs.  Because of the dense population in such a confined area, the risks are even greater.

Bio Clean Services maintains the necessary qualifications to clean up and remediate these scenes.  For a complete list of our services or qualifications, please visit our website.  Our technicians are familiar with the protocols and procedures necessary to ensure the safety of all occupants. If you are involved in an incident like this or need additional information regarding the services we offer, please contact our office. We maintain 24 hour per day dispatch services to handle this and many other types of biohazard clean up emergencies.

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